Conference Organization | Next bankruptcy: 1. FC Köln threatens in the group stage

The group of instructor Steffen Rampart shed 0: 2 (0: 1) after a weak performance at the Serbian club Partisan Belgrade and is under wonderful pressure in two staying team video games.

Otherwise, nonetheless, the Effie was disappointed and also mostly harmless in a lively way, the loss could have been clearer.

After an additional bitter defeat, 1. FC Cologne threatens the end of the Meeting Organization group phase.

Hussein Debate (15th) after a blunder by Time Hubert as well as Ricardo Gomes (52nd) satisfied for Belgrade, who had actually already won 1-0 in the previous week in Fragrance.

We are defeating ourselves currently, it is bitter as well as hurts. We remain in a challenging phase from which we have to exercise, said Rampart at RTL+: If you make such mistakes, after that it won’t be. Might not make it so simple for the challenger.

Hubert fits severe

1. FC Cologne also harmless

It remained to have the rate, precision and concepts to place the Serbian runner-up for troubles. Effie had a lot of possession of the ball, yet he does not make possibilities.

The Perfume locals continued to have huge problems to play out noteworthy opportunities-and virtually acknowledged the 2nd objective right away prior to the break. Queens Being (45. +10) only struck the crossbar of the FC objective.

Even after the break, it really did not get better from the Bundesliga club’s viewpoint: Gomes prevailed versus three Fragrance team at the 2nd Belgrade objective.

Afterwards, Perfume did not discover an impetus also after a long break. The Israeli referee Roy Reinsurer had sent the groups off the field in the 31st minute since fans had terminated substantial pyrotechnics several times as well as the sight was severely damaged.

After a good beginning as well as an initial possibility by Ell yes Shirt (fifth), Huber’s under his very own half on the side summary, a significant mistake. His collapsed explanation attempt landed in front of Diabetes feet, that scored freely in front of FC caretaker Marvin Schwab.


We are defeating ourselves at the moment, it is bitter and also hurts. We are in a difficult stage from which we have to function out, claimed Rampart at RTL+: If you make such blunders, after that it will not be. The Cologne locals continued to have huge issues to play out notable opportunities-and virtually yielded the second goal right away prior to the break. +10) only hit the bar of the FC objective.