MIXI participates in the PC game market, why? Asym Altered Axis pre -trial report & developer interviews that challenge development with a small number of elites

Speaking of mini… The first thing that comes to mind is that if you are in your 30s and over, Japan’s first invitation SNS mini , for readers in their 30s or older, mobile game Monster Strike (Most). it might be. For those who do not touch the game on a daily basis, the company’s name is now a strong company with the impression that it is a mobile game company.

The mini has released a new title ARYM Altered AXIS store page on Steam, and the alpha last is scheduled from October 19, 2022, to October 24, 2022. Why are you already in the PC game market while already having a super-powerful smartphone title called Most? At the same time, if you know the company name what PC games are developing, you will be curious.

In this article, I will tell you about the pre-experience play for the media held in early September. All images listed are under development.

ARYM Altered Axis (hereinafter referred to as ARYM) is a stealth action game as an asymmetric stealth action game , which is divided into Strategy (STR) and ACT, and competes with up to 5 people vs. 1 person. The purpose of the game is the battle between the two treasures Nexus on the stage, and the infiltrated ACT players take Nexus within the time limit and survive from the portal, and the STR side is ACT. The main goal is to stop escape on the side.

It features a very different play between STR and ACT, two battle phases that change the atmosphere in the first half of the game, and reward systems that prevent Giorgis online that are difficult to create complete defeat.

ARYM is attractive with the wide range of play that can be enjoyed by any type of player

The invading Act player is a third-person perspective, and the basic operation is Was. The stage is generally dark and cannot be seen, but the movement of players who are not crouching and moving will remain faint light traces. Especially in actions such as jumping, dash, and cell (in-game currency), it emits strong light, making it easier to identify the character’s position from the enemy side.

STR player, on the other hand, checks the entire field from the sky with the God’s perspective described later. The search lights are exposed to Act players and tracking and attacking by relying on the light traces. However, the ACT side can determine which direction you are looking at now, so there are situations where instantaneous judgments such as light traces should not enter the visibility even if you dash.

The cautious stealth play is muddy… I want to make more speedy and aggressive movements! In other words, it is also an effective option to use abundant weapons prepared from pistols to location runs to eliminate enemy-to-NPCs. It is also possible to approach Nexus with the shortest route with power.

In the flashy turn, the straws are attracted to the STR side, and in the meantime, other Act players erase the signs with shields and grass and approach Nexus. In the trendy interpersonal online game, even users who have a problem that Aim is not good and is not useful or I do not know how to get around, I pull my feet, but this work is not annoyed. You can get a real feeling.

Immediately after the invasion, the stage is dark overall, but as the alert level goes up, the brightness gradually increases, making it easy to discover from the ST side. The vigilance level rises by exposing themselves to search light, and eventually increases to the maximum value when Nexus is finally obtained. The darkness disappears with the development of climax, and the escape phase begins here.

The position of the Nexus and the escape portal is displayed on the compass at the top of the screen. As mentioned earlier, the entire stage of the escape phase is brighter, and the position of the Act player is displayed on the minimal, so it is obvious from the STR side. The only way to run out of the trap, NPC unit, and STR player attacks is to run out of the portal.

Play God’s eyes on the side of STR that can’t be named Look. People are like ●●

Many of the conventional stealth action works were the style of capturing the prepared maps, but ARYM can challenge the infinite stage that STR player is original **. I have.

In the stage design, you can place various traps and buildings that automatically place NPC units by installing. For ACT players, the true intention of STR is that you do not want to put it if possible, but the building has a cost value, and the cost of consumption costs is 1000-1500. It is a real pleasure to consider the route that is easy to defend and dare to guide and intercept while taking into account the height difference of the map.

In addition to placing the NPC unit in advance, it is possible to summon the unit in real time and interfere with the units in real time when they are broken through from unexpected directions, or when they are likely to escape from the portal. Because there is an upper limit on the number of units to be called, it is required to preserve the portal to the end and prevent the survival on the Act side, and a sense of the game is required. The only unit that could be summoned in this version of this version is only one kind of melee type, but in the future update, it seems that we are considering expanding variations such as long-range attacks and dollar types flying in the sky.

On the actual stage, you can enjoy the god-like play, such as searching for the light traces emitted by ACT players from the sky, exposing it with searchlights, and blowing them directly with attacks. When hunting down a character that escapes from the right and left, the only writer may naturally come up with a cruel line in the heart, saying, It’s not a pleasure, it’s useless to run away.

It’s not just winning or losing. A gentle world where both players can get rewards as much as the efforts

What I would like to evaluate in ARYM is that there is no complete victory or defeat, and both ACT/STR players have the benefits of working hard. For example, if the ST side is deprived of Nexus, if you earn the Kill number of Act players during the game, you will get rewards accordingly. On the other hand, if one person seizes the portal, the remaining four will be distributed by escaping.

Naturally, the ACT side is more delicious for a small group play, but at the time of the alpha test on October 19, the difficulty scaling by the number of participants is not set. There is no doubt that it is extremely advantageous to capture Nexus with various approaches with various approaches, but it may be one of the options to aim for a large return with a solo or small number of people.


However, it is a bit disappointing that there are no special benefits at the moment for assists such as I survived my friends even if I was sacrificed. As a development team, it is under consideration, but the arrogant play of if you are good… is likely to cause dismiss online, so we hope to add a system that will lead to relief. 。

ARYM Altered AXIS Alpha Test is ** from 12:00 on October 19 to 15:59 on October 24, and the corresponding language is only in English. It will be implemented on the North American server, and if you access from Japan, there is a possibility that game play may be delayed.

I want to connect the strategy market and the action market with ARYM

What kind of game is ARYM Altered Axis so far? I spoke to the reasons and aims of this work, but I spoke to Dashiki Katakana, a producer of MINI, Digital Entertainment Business Headquarters, about the reason and aim of this work.

-Please tell us how you decided to develop a PC game distributed on Steam as a mini. It seems that there are many users who are concerned about Why mini!?

Dashiki Katakana (hereafter, Katakana) The reason for launching a PC game development team distributed to Steam is the company, but we have a corporate philosophy of expanding rich communication and wrapping the world with happy surprise. In the case of mobile and domestic, it was too biased. It is not a domestic market where the market tends to be fixed, but it is a place where you want to hit a unique title, Steam, which is well evaluated as a small indeedyberopper’s unique playfulness. In the future, it would be a cross-platform, including mobile, etc.

For this reason, we launched a department for a completely new development from Most. It is a small team of less than 10 people in order to give members a free development environment, but more than half of them are consisted of domestic consumer titles or PC games developed. It is an unusual department with a low ratio of mobile games in mini company.

-Where are the points you want to appeal to in ARYM?

Katakana: When I played other asymmetric match games, I felt a terrible loneliness at the solo player side. However, in ARYM, you can summon NPC units one after another, squeeze the ACT player from the sky and blow it away, so you can feel the feeling of being an almighty god rather than loneliness.

Katakana In addition, if you stand on the hunting side in a non-symmetric battle game, you will need to have a high operating technology and the proficiency of the map, and beginners will be too high. ARYM was popular in the internal test, but even those who are not good at action games can play happily on the side. It can be said that ARYM is acceptable to play any play according to your game style and operation tech level.

――The rants and harassment are rants and harassment for casual players. Do you think about the countermeasures?

Katakana: This is the first story of the first alpha test, but the ACT side does not introduce the so-called stray player, and you can only play with the Steam friend. Even if you do not have a friend, you will be able to play solo, challenge 1vs1 play, and seek players who can play together with the official Discord of this work.

―― Will the in-game VC and free chat be implemented as a future plan? Or, a template conversation sentence like a radio chat seems to be an option.

I think that it is easier to use a pin on the Katakana map, a fixed-form chat, etc., but ARYM is a very wide range of strategies that can be collaborated with players and a wide range of strategies that can be obtained. I imagine that external tools such as in-game VCs or Discord will be dominant.

―― Please tell us why you are developing alpha tastes only in the English version, even though MINI, a domestic company.

This is because Katakana MINI has not succeeded overseas in the game field. PC games, especially Steam’s core users, are English-speaking countries, and the opponent is in the North American market. Therefore, I would like to get feedback from North American users and use it for future development while repeating trials and errors. However, since we are quite small, it is difficult to respond to multiple languages from the beginning due to development resources. So, in the first test from October 19, I only used English. The expansion of compatible languages will also increase the burden of support at the same time, so you will be quite careful.

–I see.

Katakana, STEAM is a unique indie work with one idea one game, but also a market that users can accurately evaluate their focus. Despite the small development, you can see the users’ eyes, and you can get a huge hit by repeated updates. ARYM also wants to nurture the unique part of the uniquely first. One of the reasons for starting in the English version is to target indie game fans who are interested in the category of early access. We are thinking about Japanese support, and we plan to provide more time in the game environment and next year.

――When is the target layer of ARYM?

If you talk about what kind of user Katakana wants to recognize ARYM, you’ll always be looking for a new experience in Steam’s indie game, I dug such an interesting title! It will be a person. ARYM has a part that can be intuitively understood in the previous game experiences and the part that feels like this combination is the first. Those who like games with high strategic nature, those who like shooting gun guns with actions… I think there are both good people, but with ARYM, players who have never been able to intersect so far. You can play together. From such a place, the goal is to connect the strategy market and the action market in ARYM.

As a non-symmetric match-type game, recently, Dead by Daylight comes to the first case. However, in the past, EVOLVE, which has appeared in a sound, but as a result, Evolve is also remembered. The latter was often dissatisfied with users in terms of balance adjustment, such as one-sided game development, and the rapidly decreasing play population was not stopped. ARYM is a balance adjustment that can be said to be the life of a battle game, and in what kind of consideration is it?

Katakana ARYM has not only fully winning and losing, but also has the middle part. Both STR and Act side, I couldn’t get a lot of cells because I worked as a decoy, but finally escaped from the portal, Nexus was robbed, but I got a lot of kills. It can be said that the result is that the result can be given depending on whether it is placed. In terms of balance, I believe that the stronger the STR side of the solo is a bit tingling, and it is more likely that it will increase the fun of ARYM.

―― Depending on the setting of the game rule, it seems that there may be additional rank matches and e-sports development, but how about?

In the long-term view of Katakana, we are considering the introduction of a rank system, and I think it will lead to competitiveness. However, ARYM is also attractive as well as the width of the strategy and the width of the players who can participate. I want to make it not a game that can only be enjoyed.

――― When I talked about this pre-experience play, I saw the Steam’s store page, but I felt rude, but I felt, What can I do in this game? As of late August). When you actually play it in this way, the impression changes greatly, and it seems that it is a work with a wider range of play than expected. That’s why I feel that Steam’s store page is too poor.

Katakana ARYM is a mini that has many elements of the first challenge, so I would like to grow it while repeating trials and errors. While there was not much information that could be disclosed, I dared to release the Steam store page in June, but at that time I could only prepare the initial materials. Since the store page has been updated in early September, the screenshot is also transmitted to the game content, and videos and other videos will be improved sequentially for the test in October.

―― It seems that the recruitment of development staff is continuing in parallel.

Katakana: Fortunately, interesting human resources are coming to our team. When viewed from the outside, mini is always felt as a company that is strong in smartphone content such as Most, so excellent staff gathered because of the surprise that that mini is developing such a game on a PC. Gave me.

――When ARYM has achieved business success, will a new team be launched again and new titles for PCs will be developed and the ARYM team will be expanded?

I don’t know yet about Katakana, but it’s definitely a good title even during the development stage. In the future, I think it will be interesting if we expand the size of PC game development within MINI company.

――The authentic PC game is also a major challenge for mini, such as targeting overseas markets, and the first alpha test is only in English. Finally, please give us your enthusiasm and messages for users.

Katakana: The development team of this work is very morale and is confident in this title. The starting point is I want to play such a game, and the main target of ARYM can be said to be myself. Of course, we do not have any worries such as balance adjustment, but I think we can deliver it with the quality that will satisfy users.

–Thank you for today.

ARYM Altered Axis is scheduled for Alpha Test from October 19, 2022, to October 24, 2022.