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How to get new letters quickly in Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap is a new digital card game of Second Dinner and Ben Broke, and has more than 100 cards for players to collection. Expanding your collection is a large part of the attractiveness of the game, so here you have How you can get new cards quickly in Marvel Snap .

Letters unlock in Marvel Snap

To get new cards in Marvel Snap, you must increase your collection level. This is the number indicated in green at the top of the screen and, as its CL increases, it will unlock new rewards on the collection track, including new cards.

And to increase your CL, you can do it updating your cards with credits and boosters. Access your card collection, choose a card you want to update, then touch the Update button to spend your credits and potentiates on it. Depending on the rarity of your card, you will get variable amounts of CL:

Union common: * 25 credits, 1 cl
Strange: 100 credits, 2 cl
Epic: 200 credits, 4 cl
legendary: * 300 credits, 6 CL
Ultra legendary: 400 credits, 8 cl
Infinity: 500 credits, 10 cl

How to get credits in Marvel Snap

There are two main ways to get credits in this game:

Buying them with gold and real money *
Completing daily missions *

The daily missions are definitely the way to follow if you are a F2P player. Every day, you will have to complete six missions, and these will reward you with credits and XP of season pass.

Image source: second dinner through

Alternatively, you can also buy gold with real money and use gold to buy credits. Keep in mind that there is a credit limit every day, so you can not spend thousands of dollars on the first day to complete your collection immediately.

How to unlock cards efficiently

Finally, here there are a couple of simple tips on how to maximize their EC LES of CL while trying to expand your card collection.

You will definitely want to prioritize the update of your common cards first, since the credit relationship to CL is the best here. You will only need 25 credits for 1 CL when it uploads common cards, and the proportion rises to 50: 1 after the common level.

Image source: second dinner through

As you unlock card variants on the collection track and the season pass hills, they will also start as common cards, so we recommend updating them once to make the most of their credits.

That is all you need to know about How to unlock new letters quickly in Marvel Snap . Be sure to search DLPRIVATOSERVER to get more tips and information about the game, including a breakdown of cross progression, how the sets of cards and our selections work for the best decks of sets 1 and 2.

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