Appeared on Steam, a cruise ship mystery game reminiscent of board game clu.

Mother On the Stella, who investigates the murder of the luxury cruise ship Stella, was registered with Steam. It is a mystery adventure genre reminiscent of board game CLU.

Developed by General Federal Studio, Mother On The Stella tells the story of the luxurious cruise ship Stella in 1982. The player must be the world’s most famous detective and find a clue to the murder case on a cruise ship on vacation. Every time you play, situations, suspects, weapons, motives, and destinations are set differently, making you feel as if you are playing board game album.

The game method is to check the ship, find clues and weapons, interrogate the suspect, and solve the case until the ship arrives. The case is not necessarily solved. You can enjoy arcade games, swim in the pool, and drink at bars. You can also find a clue while enjoying a vacation.

The game is a voxel graphic like Minecraft, and the developer wanted to feel the feeling of 1982, the background of the game. There is a cycle of day and night, and it is a log ite format that allows you to earn a certain amount of points or hold things you have even if you die in the game.

Mother On the Stella is only single play and the release date is still undecided. Currently, only English is supported.