GTA Online: How to get free sasquatch clothing and the death mask

One of GTA Online’s most anticipated events is Halloween’s celebration. This holiday only happens once a year, so the thing is to match the occasion for the occasion, so much eye to this guide in which we are going to explain how Get very special accessories for free .

How to get the Sasquatch clothing free and the death mask

On this day so sinister and dark are not few who are encouraged to tell spooky stories that end up producing authentic nightmares in some. That is where the Sasquatch clothing enters , a terrifying costume that can be yours to travel the streets of the city with him.

To do this, it will be enough for you to start session and play at any time on October 31 to get this outfit for free. Of course, it will not be the only thing, because you can also add to your collection The Death Mask , which became famous on the day of the trial.

The way to obtain it is exactly the same, connect and play on GTA online , but in this case it is not necessary to be Halloween day, and you can do it any day of the week. In addition, for completing any sales mission you will take a parachute backpack of this holiday and for delivering merchandise in a commercial battle you will receive the mummy vintage pale or the mask Frank vintage green.


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