Appreciation for the Game Committee, 5489 people signed.

Lee Pantheon announced on the 31st that a total of 5,489 people signed the National Auditor’s request for the Game Commission. There were more than 5,080 estimates of the existing parliamentary office.

Representative Lee Pantheon (Democratic Party) said through SNS, Thank you for all those who agreed to the purpose of this signature, and all those who did not participate in the signature because of the late time. Even though the number of people has been gathered, I sincerely express myself to the citizenship of the minor noise and the noble.

I think that claims for national audit by the Game Management Committee are a big meaning for the protection of the rights of game users.

Lee Pantheon will accept the National Audit Book on the afternoon of 31st. Representative Lee Pantheon added that there may be variables in the request for auditors. Representative Lee Pantheon said, As there is a time when you fail to attack in the ‘very easy’ stage, it can be blocked for unexpected reasons for the same atmosphere.