How old is Mace Windu in Tales of The Jedi? Answered

In episode 3 of Tales of The Jedi, Choices, a young Mace Wind and Took travel to a planet to investigate the death of a partner Jedi, the teacher Kari, which leads many fans to ask: How old is Mace Wind in Tales of The Jedi?

Are Mace Wind in the Jedi Council in Tales of the Jedi? Explained

Image Source: Tales of The Jedi ~ Lucasfilm

The episode does not give us exact dates or relevant events to ensure a precise age for Mace Wind, but through some research and connections of points, we can say that he was between 24 and 30 years old . Let’s analyze how we obtained these numbers.

We need to block some key dates to provide a reference point for the period of time of this episode. Mace Wind was born in 72 By (before the battle of Gavin, advances in reverse as in the real world a. C.), and this episode takes place before Took left the Jedi order, which happened in 42 By.

At the end of the episode, Mace is appointed for the Jedi Council, and the fact that Anakin was the youngest to be designated at age 23, Mace would have to be at least 24 years old, placing this episode not before 48 By. With what we know of the Took exit of the order, the timeline for this episode is between 48 and 42 By, which gives us the approximate age of MACE of 24 to 30 years.

The narrative and the sensation of the episode seem to locate the events as the decisive factor for Took to leave the order, which could bring it closer to the end of that period of time, closer to 42 by, but there are no facts to determine that speculation, But this yes. Give us approximate How old is Mace Wind in Tales of the Jedi? . Check out our other Star Wars content, for example, how Tales of The Jedi shows that we need more unique pieces, Bryce Dallas Howard on Saddle’s voice and what tunqstoid steel is there in Ardor.

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