Get your Warhammer copy free: Vermintide 2 for Steam per limited time

Fat shark celebrates the seventh anniversary of its star franchise giving its most successful title in Steam: Warhammer Vermin tide 2. Once you exchange it, your platform profile will remain linked forever, without restrictions of any kind. Of course, for this you must hurry. The promotion will be extended until November 7 at 7:00 p.m. (CEST) .

This campaign comes from the hand of a concrete road map that will end on November 30, when Warhammer 40k is officially launched: Dark tide, its cooperative approach to the universe of space marines. If you get with the free copy of Vermin tide 2 you should not miss the opportunity to try betrayal paths, the free update that will be added to the game on November 8. It includes a mission whose second part will be launched in the same way in 2023.

far Dark tide refers strictly, between November 17 and 29 its beta period will be held. This prior access to its launch will allow those who reserve the game enjoy its contents before version 1.0.

  • Free Warhammer Download: Vermin tide 2 for PC in Steam

Vermin tide 2, a sequel much more round and polished

With those words we opened the conclusions of our analysis of Warhammer Vermin tide 2, which in this house achieved a qualification of 9 out of 10 . We said that Fat shark h learned the lesson of this roughness of the first installment to give us an action title in the first person of quality. Challenging, varied and terribly addictive are the qualifiers that come to mind before one of the best cooperatives in recent years.

Of course, among the negative points we pointed out the Lack of new Shaven troops , which were repeated excessively with respect to the original. In addition, the randomness of the team in Loot’s boxes will not like every1. You can read the full text by clicking on this link.