Filter the departure date of Devil 4 and is just around the corner

Windows Central and Xbox w attack again. Both websites have announced that Diablo 4 is much more advanced than we thought. So much that, according to them, The game will go on sale in April 2023 , within just six months. According to these sources, Blizzard’s inside saga would be one of the great protagonists of the next The Game Awards , which will take place on the next December 8 and would make a framework for the presentation in the presentation in the presentation in the presentation in Society of a new trailer that will reveal the specific launch day.


They are so confident that they even ensure that The reserves will open on the day of the ceremony , with several collector editions in between, and confirm that one of the bonus to buy it in advance will be access to a new Beta that will be held around February 2023 . Precisely the little gameplay that h leaked in devil 4 to date comes from the closed beta that takes place these days, before which Blizzard must have thought that of lost to the river .

Devil 4 and the fear of its monetization

much we liked Immortal, the mobile delivery that w launched a few months ago, the game had a monetization system that still produces chills . To make an idea, develop any character cost more than $100,000, which caused the anger of the community and turned the game into the worst score in the history of Metacritic . The average note of 81 that he took between the press became 0.8 in the user’s scores, with media like Kodak declaring in his analysis that it w very enjoyable… if you ignored all the shit for mobiles . After this experience, the question is obvious. Have you learned Blizzard the lesson or will Diablo 4 continue the same wake?

At the moment the company h sured that they are different ces, because Immortal is free to play, but Diablo 4 will be at full price . The game is large and there will be a lot of content after the launch, said Adam Fletcher, the community manager of the saga. The payment contents will be built around optional cosmetic objects and, eventually, with complete expansions . Let’s cross the fingers because it is true and because that month of April is confirmed for the launch, even more after knowing that the game will be available at Xbox Game Ps .