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Netmarble recorded sales of KRW 694.4 billion in 3Q, operating loss of KRW 38 billion

On the 11th, Net marble (CEO Won Youngest, Do Kiosk) released its third quarter of 22.


Net marble recorded sales of KRW 694.4 billion, EBITDA (operating profit) of KRW 20.8 billion, operating loss of KRW 38 billion, and net loss of KRW 277.5 billion. This is the third consecutive operating loss. The cumulative sales of the third quarter of this year amounted to 1.98 trillion won, the cumulative EBITDA was 88 billion won, and the cumulative operating loss was 84.6 billion won.

Overseas sales in the third quarter recorded KRW 579.4 billion, accounting for 83%of total sales. Regional sales are continuing to diversify its diversified portfolio to 48%in North America, 17%in Korea, 13%in Europe, 9%in Southeast Asia, 7%in Japan, and 6%in other 6%. Net marble said, Seven Knights Revolution, which was released on July 28, did not achieve as expected, and the loss of foreign currency borrowings due to the rise in exchange rates also increased significantly.

Net marble will launch new works such as Charlotte’s Table, which was launched on November 9th, King of Fighter Arena, Paragon: The Overtime (Early Access), and will open on the 17th. In G-Star 2022, he plans to showcase four kinds of anticipation of Paragon: The Over frame, Medal Chronicles, I Level Up: A Rise, and Hope Squad.

Won Youngest, CEO of Net marble, said, We have recorded sluggish performance for three consecutive quarters due to rising labor and marketing costs, delays in launching new works, and lack of release. I said. The conference call mentioned that the cost burden will be reduced through the efficiency of manpower, but it will not be restructuring.