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How to get the black site keys in Warzone 2

The Black Sites are some of the most difficult places to clean on War zone 2 after Strongholds. It makes sense if you want to avoid it, but the rewards are almost always worth it. If you feel prepared for the challenge, then it is important to know how to access these difficult areas. Here is everything you need to know about how to get the black site keys in War zone 2.


First, yes, the Black Sites will kick your back if you are not well-equipped to face them. Even so, it is worth assuming them for the loads you can get to clean the areas.

How are the black site keys unlocked in War zone 2? Answered

To get access to these areas of high risk and high reward in War zone 2, a key to the black site must be achieved, and this can be done by cleaning an area known as strength. In these areas, you will find enemies of AI who will not stop at all to tear you down. Kill them all to clear the strength and win the key to the black site.

Strengths in War zone 2 are also difficult areas that offer rewards that are worth it. However, they are definitely not as difficult as Black Site. Prepare for a notable increase in difficulty when you complete one and pass the other.

That is all to know how to get the keys of the black site in War zone 2. It is also worth mentioning that cleaning black sites will sometimes make extremely rare elements fall, such as permanent weapons planes and other elements very coveted in the match.

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