Final Dream XIV funeral held for Covids passing gamer

We see online communities doing unbelievable things that would be difficult to do in individual due to the range between all of us. In different MMORPG, there have been birthdays, marriages, demonstrations, parades; All kinds of gatherings you might believe, with genuine individuals behind each of these avatars. Although computer game are often ways to get away the struggles and pressures of reality, there are particular things against which they can not safeguard us, like losing a buddy. Recently, a massive funeral procession of last dream xiv happened for a deceased gamer from Covid-19.

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We don’t understand precisely the number of gamers were present, however there are a number of images and clips of the walk where the screen is flooded with usernames, and you can hardly see the players. Last Fantasy XIV is offered on PC, PS3 and PS4 and shows up on Xbox One.


The gamer, known as Fern Leroy, was part of a group of players called Free Business. One of her friends, Leafed Moon child, organized an occasion on Facebook to notify the neighborhood of its death and that there would be a group organizing a walk in the game from one of the cities to the guardian’s tree. It was not only a group; They were thousands of gamers, from all locations of the video game.