Super People, which has improved the constitution, discloses large -scale updates

Wonder People (CEO BYU Coal) is developed by the company developer ‘Super People’, a new FPS Battle Royale game, which is developed by its company and provides early access (pre-done) through the global game service platform Steam (STEAM). He announced a large-scale update and released the main updates.

The large-scale update, which is scheduled to be held in December, is planned for the purpose of ‘approaching the core fun’, and focuses on strengthening the fun of the thrilling battle by reducing unnecessary game elements and adding rapid growth and speedy battle tempo.

First, the class reorganization is in progress. The maximum level of class is drastically reduced from 27 to 12 levels, and the skills of each class are also compressed from four in total, including the ultimate, action skills, and passive skills for each class. Players start the game with three skills except the ultimate when entering the game, so you can enjoy the fun and speed of use of skills from the beginning of the game.

In addition, the production of in-game items and specialized gun systems disappear. As a result, the farming material farming disappears, the gun ratings are reduced to five, and the armor is simplified to three, reducing the gap between guns and the armor balance. Through this, the company plans to reduce the time to acquire unnecessary materials and grow and create an environment that can focus only on combat.


With the reorganization of the skills of the Super Soldiers, the user interface (UI) is also greatly improved, and now it is possible to check the state of the player intuitively. In addition, if you hit the opponent during the battle, the stamina is changed to a bar to check the remaining stamina.

Super capsules are also reduced to two types: gold and white capsules in five types, and accordingly, the exploration of existing manufacturing materials is expected to change to fierce competition for super capsule search.

In addition, in order to support the more speedy gameplay, the character’s overall gameplay is applied to the initial movement speed, which provides faster parkour speed, while adding sliding functions to all classes, giving the fun and speed of movement.

The number of players in the snow storm zone also increases. As the players grow rapidly at the beginning of the game, more players will be put into areas of the same size so that more frequent engagements can be made.

It also gives free class selection. In the way that changes the character using the existing random or gold using the existing random or gold, the desired class is improved. In addition, the part that uses a lot of gold in the private supply will also be improved.

A new system will also be added. Battle Pass, which provides increasing benefits as you play, will be added, providing new costumes and gold exploration tickets according to the mission in the game that is achieved through gameplay. In addition, the emotions that can express various emotions of the player as the motion of the character are added.

A new region is also added to the of Island. The bamboo forest, which contains a subtle Korean charm, a dark and sour underground mine, and a capsule research institute will be added to increase the fun of map exploration.