DFB legend discuss anxiety

Previous soccer goalkeeper Toni Schumacher reported very moving about his psychological problems worldwide Cup semi-final in 1982 40 years after his nasty against the Frenchman Patrick Battalion.


After this time that was with the yes, anxiety, stated Schumacher in the ZDF documentary Century video game
For that I behaved so shitty later on, stated Schumacher: I can only explain that I was not sure or was afraid of escalation. His quote that he was a stating of relief the Frenchman the jacket crowns meanwhile was in fact due to the fact that I thought it was something even worse.

The gray wolves circled me, however they didn’t handle to bite due to the fact that I eventually got everything under a psychologically under control, stated Schumacher: I did not permit it to fall under this darkness or get involved or overwhelm To let. I’m glad that I did it that way. Which my kids helped that I didn’t do nonsense..

I called her gray wolves because this is a much better image. I was often sad, I retired. You will then be dark and don’t let the delight go to you any longer. You were likewise extremely near to the water, said Schumacher. After the foul of the German goalkeeper, Battalion needed to be performed of the pitch, Schumacher was described in French media, to name a few things, as a SS-Schumacher.