The 10 best fire pokemon in scarlet and purple Pokemon

Whether growing with Harvard in red and blue Pokémon or starting your journey in scarlet and purple Pokémon with Fresco, fire-type characters have always found a way to heat the hearts of many players. That said, even among the Pokémon of fire, there must always be a hierarchy of the strongest. So today, let’s talk the 10 best fire Pokemon in scarlet and purple Pokémon.

10. Virulence

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Exclusive Pokémon Purple, College appears in the tenth place on this list. One of the two Pokémon of fire and ghost type introduced into the ninth generation, College is about passing the offensive with a huge statistic of 120 attacks, easily eliminating all those who oppose. However, the cut could be taken too seriously with those swords for weapons!

Its unique movement, Bitter Blade, allows you to cure 50% of the damage to an incoming attack. If you are allowed to use Swords Dance, which significantly increases your attack, and is used together with Bitter Blade, only a handful of Pokémon can resist its brutal attacks.

9. Blaze Taurus

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Maintaining the tendency to introduce regional variants in the franchise, Pokémon Scarlet & Purpura brings a new regional form for Taurus, known as Blaze Taurus. This new form replaces its original normal writing with a new combo of fire and struggle and considerably increases its general attack power.

With a newly discovered power, this Taurus can wreak havoc wherever I go. Among all the Taurus of Pal dean, the Blaze race is the strongest. It is also the most threatening in terms of design!

8. Armature

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Exclusive from Pokémon Scarlet and College’s counterpart, Armature claims the seventh place in the list. Unlike College, Armature is a fire and psychic type Pokemon that focuses more on special attacks and physical defense. This allows you to cover your weaknesses against Dark and Ghost while maintaining enough attack power to inflict significant damage against everything else.

However, it still has the typical weaknesses of water, land and rock type movements, so you must still be careful with them. In general, Armature is an essential Pokémon for all scarlet Pokémon teams.


7. Arcanina

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Bringing a classic Pokémon to the mixture, Ar canine returns to take the sixth place on the list. Ar canine can be the oldest Pokemon on this list, but that has not prevented it from being one of the most powerful fire-type Pokémon.

With its high speed, good attack and great defenses, Ar canine demonstrates that age is just a number and will continue to serve teams with her burning fury. Be sure to give it a whim from time to time!

6. Torsional

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Yes, you read it right; Torsional claims fifth place as best fire-type Pokémon in Pokémon Scarlet and Purple. Being a pure fire type, Torsional is subject to all its main weaknesses, such as water, earth and rock, but what gives Tortola a considerable advantage compared to the previous entries in this list is its hidden ability, drought.

When Tortola enters the field, Borough will automatically activate and configure a sunny day, strengthening the power of fire type movements while severely weakens water type movements. Without a doubt, Tortola is an essential Pokémon for fire-based equipment.

5. Claw flame

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Returning from Pokémon X and Y, the fire type Pokémon and Flying Talon flame pounces and occupies the fourth place on the list. It is possible that Talon flame does not have the most impressive defensive statistics for a fire Pokemon, but you compensate it with its ridiculous statistical of 126 speeds. Among all the Pokémon of fire, Talon flame is among the top 5 for being the fastest!

Combining his speed with his hidden ability, Gale Wings, gives priority to flying attacks, which allows him to always go first when he attacks with powerful flying type attacks like Brave Bird. In fact, Talon flame can be calm in fourth place.

4. Skeledirge

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Until the last three, the final evolution of the initial fire-type Pokémon for Scarlet & Purpura, Skeledirge, is in third place. Unlike the other fire and ghost in this list, Skeledirge has higher statistics and does not require a ton of configuration for everything to work.

However, he has access to his exclusive movement, Torch Song, which increases his special attack, allowing him to inflict more significant damage than before. It is not necessary to say that Skeledirge is not only the strongest initial Pokémon, but that it deserves the third-best fire Pokemon on this list. In addition, we can all agree that he was the best incoming, right?

3. Volcaroneous

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Volcanoes occupying the first place should not surprise anyone, considering that it has been one of the 5 main fire Pokémon since its original launch in black and white Pokémon.

That said, it has not changed much for the butterfly of fire since then, since it still has impressive statistics, excellent types such as Fire and Error-Type, and access to one of the most decisive movements of the game, Quiver Dance. Quiver Dance increases its special attack, special defense and speed at a level, which allows you to sweep equipment with ease if the movement is used more than once.

two. Iron moth

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Technically, Vol corona remains the best Pokémon of fire, but it is not the same. Meet Iron Moth, the Colborne paradox futuristic variant that is found exclusively in Pokémon Purple. This Paradox Pokémon essentially does what Colborne can do, but better, starting to eliminate its previous error writing for Poison.

The inconvenience, of course, is not to have access to Quiver Dance, but Iron Moth more compensates for it with its amazing statistics, which makes it, without a doubt, the second-strongest fire of fire in the game. However, only one can be on top…

1. Chi You

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Appearances are deceiving, but this golden fish is, in fact, the strongest fire-type Pokemon of Scarlet & Purpura. Meet Chimu, one of the four legendary hidden Pokémon of ruin, which is dark and fire. With an overwhelming special attack of 135, a special defense of 120 and a speed of 100, Chimu essentially shame to the rest of the Pokémon on this list.

It even has a unique attack known as Ruination, which reduces the health of the rival Pokémon in half when it connects. Quite impressive, right? The legendary Pokémon continues to demonstrate that there is a big difference between them and the normal Pokémon, and Chimu is an excellent example.

That is all you need to know about the 10 best fire Pokemon in scarlet and purple. Be sure to review some of our most recent lists, such as the 10 best Pokémon or 10 rare Pokémon.

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