Fortnite Oathbound Chests

These royal chests populate some of the finest landing sites in Fortnite and potentially even the new locations in Fortnite. However, they are harder to find than even the unusual chests, which suggests that they will not discover them in large quantities. If this is the case, where can you discover these new chests?

We make sure that you like all brand-new material in Fortnite, but sometimes these basic chests feel a little too small to accommodate objects such as the Shockwave hammer. Thankfully, with the brand-new, there is a terrific addition to the existing chests of Fortnite-bound chests.

Fortnite Oath bound Chest locations and where they can be found

Now that you understand where you can find you, you can open a few of these Fortnite-bound chests, but it is better to get there rapidly before somebody else does it! You can even more increase your possibilities of winning by having a look at our Fortnite-Augment list and then discovering out how you can trigger Augments in Fortnite, which use you some beneficial benefits during the video games.


These chests include a variety of objects, such as B. TYO beverages and healing things, like all other Fortnite, however they typically consist of the new things Shockwave Hammer or the ex-caliber rifle. This is the easiest method to get among these objects apart from getting rid of an enemy gamer who has.

Confederated chests are normally found in or near the castle-like structures on the Fortnite card, which are generally found in the west near Lois such as the castle or the Anvil Square. These structures are characterized by their stone walls, woodwork and occasional banner.