Restoration like a dragon! Drama, more faithful play element disclosure

Sega Publishing Korea (CEO Saith Go) is a software for PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Windows, and STEAM Software
The play elements of the play have been released.
The factors that have been released include play spots such as new subs toes with many series characters, “ Chang Pubs ”, where you can enjoy the newly added karaoke songs, and the lifelong life with Hanuka at the villa of Roma in a calm countryside.
From this title, there are newly added photo functions.

New substory released!
Many series characters appeared!

Apart from the main story, there are two new stories of foreigners who are interested in alcohol and culture '' and debt players of justice ” to the subway story about the human army of people living in the village.

-Foreigners who are interested in alcohol and culture: NATO is said to collect handwritten written about the history and characters of the country to learn about Japan.
However, in Kyoto at the end of the shogunate, many people are hostile because they are just foreigners, so they are caught in trouble wherever they go.


Can Roma help to collect NATO’s handwriting safely?

Barkers, who appeared as a teacher of the Robber Style in The Place of 0 Bows like a Dragon, appear as Ernest NATO who came to learn about Japan in this title.
Among the opponents with fertilization, the characters who appeared in the last series such as Shinji, Kinda, and Shinto show!?
Let’s look forward to how they are tied up with Roma and NATO.

・ New immersive element content Collection of handwriting

Writing about the thoughts and history of those living at the end of the shogunate.
From all over Kyoto, you can pick up an unknown handwritten by the owner, which may not be shed or not to someone.
If you bring the collected hand to NATO, you can share your opinions on each handwriting, and you can hear the exciting story of NATO by surprisingly surprised by the difference in culture and presenting honest opinions from foreigners’ eyes.

-Dash in justice: A woman wearing a brilliant Maori with a dragon on her back.
It is famous for being the most disliked personality in the world, and those who do bad things will receive her ruthless punishment.

The villains on the street are called debt player Tats.
When a couple knew that a couple was caught up in the farmers’ farms, Yale made a relationship with Roma, who accidentally passed by.
One day, there is a case in which people who are acquainted with Yale are kidnapped one by one.
Roma is acting with Yale to solve the case.

Tats’s sister is a teacher who teaches a battle style to Kirk Karma in a place of 0 vows like a dragon.
In this title, like the place of 0 vows like a dragon, it appears in the new substory as “ Yamamoto Yale ”, which uses the work of receiving the money borrowed.

More faithful play spots!
In the late shogunate of foolish on Karaoke,

In this title, many play spots, including play spots with the characteristics of the end of the shogunate, such as Japanese dance and Yu-gi-hee, are alive.
In the Rhythm Action Karaoke Chang Pub '', which presses the button to the song, the end-of-the-line wind arrangement of Foolish ”, which is familiar in the Dragon series, and two new songs and two songs.

More enhanced photo function

A new photo feature has a significant improved editing freedom.
You can adjust the location of the camera and the direction of the character, and the customization of more than 200 kinds of character stamps, 40 color filters, expressions and various poses are close to infinity.
Enjoy the shooting in the background of beautifully renewed streets and characters.

Enjoy the slow life in the quiet countryside!
Another Life

In Roma’s villa, located in a calm country, you can send another life ‘Another Life’, which is slightly away from everyday life with Hanuka, who is already familiar in the series.

Roma lived with Hanuka at the villa.
At the villa, you can make money by cooking with vegetables grown in the field or fishing fish, or dealing with cooking and vegetables and fish made with peddlers.
In addition, you can enjoy a variety of elements, such as raising dogs or cats you met on the streets.

In addition, the more you interact with Hanuka at the villa, the deeper your trust.
As the trust is deepened and Hanuka is getting more and more, a warm-hearted event occurs.