How to Fend Off Ofiei Mage in Witcher 3 Hearts of Stone


After your encounter with the fearsome Prince SAP at the beginning of the expansion of The Witcher 3, Hearts of Stone, you will enjoy a little history.
Gerald de Rivia will meet one of the main characters, will be in a complicated situation and will be thrown into the sea.
Well, you will have to play to find out, but before you can continue, you will have to deal with some enemies that will not give up without fighting.
Here is how to overcome the magician offer in The Witcher 3.

How to overcome offer in The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone explained

Gerald will be on a beach with most of his team except for his chest armor, glove compliments and silver sword.
Here, there will be several S soldiers (two of which use shields) and a magician offer that is a hard cookie.
Before you can attack the magician, you must first eliminate each of the soldiers, which can be a challenge because they swarm you while the offer Mage continuously throws their powerful spells.
While in combat with the soldiers, he will trust a particular attack, a powerful sand geyser will sprout from under his feet, throwing him through the air and causing mass damage.
You can mitigate part of the damage rolling as soon as you touch the ground, but it is much better to be attentive to the clouds of dust that accumulate on the ground, since they are the revealing signal that Repair Mage is about to attack.
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Focus on the guards.
Use your stop to quickly remove each one (blocks just before their blows make contact).
They are not especially strong, but as there are so many, they can easily eliminate you.
Do not pay attention to the magician.
Anyway, he cannot do any damage at this time, so it makes no sense to waste time.
Once all the guards are eliminated, the true fight begins.

The Mage offer is new in the Hearts of Stone expansion and is extremely powerful.
Distance attacks are useless since this enemy will deviate instantly towards you (potentially causing serious damage if you use something like a pump).
The Magician Offer has a decent arsenal of distance skills, as well as a cane that will leave you meaningless if he is given the opportunity.
To defeat it, you must familiarize yourself well with avoiding and shooting.
When I call the surrounding clouds, roll towards him to shorten the distance, always careful to stay by his side instead of being directly in front of him.
The Mage offer has a fast and powerful gust attack that has a long range.
It is difficult to avoid if you are not prepared, but just shoot if you are directly in front of him, never at an angle.
At a short distance, you can launch some attacks before it demolishes you with a burst of wind that does not do much damage but stuns and creates distance.
You cannot interrupt, even if you are crying, so it is quite annoying.
Another short range attack that you should be attentive is when it is by your side and disappears suddenly.
A couple of seconds will appear later hurting him.
Again, it is not too powerful, but it can be very annoying.
When you see the Mage disappear, just be sure to start shooting to avoid any attack.
The last attack you should worry is when you start turning your hand in the air.
At this point, it becomes a great tornado that can stun and cause mass damage.
Fortunately, it’s very slow, so you just have to stay away until the attack ends.
After that, he returns to the same song and dances to victory.
Image Source: CDPR
Having to constantly persecute the magician offer and not having distance skills can be a bit annoying, but as long as you stay alert and ready to get out of danger, you will be fine.
The Mage offer is a distance fight master, so it always closes the distance whenever possible to maintain pressure on it.
In a few minutes, he will be defeated and Gerald will be on his way to complete the rest of The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone.
He does that for beating the magician I offer in The Witcher 3. Be sure to consult the wiki to get more guides and, if he has not yet done so, read our review.
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