The All-Important Weaknesses And Best Counters In Pokemon Scarlet Violet

Scoreline of Arden Pokémon, when you are faced with him, and this can carry serious power behind his movements of herbal and fiery type.
With an excellent attack and a special attack, you can lose several Pokémon because of this thing before cutting it out.
This can make you ask you a question of what Scoreline is weak against and how to resist this in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.
Scoreline is the only Pokémon with a combination of fire/grass, which makes it extremely unique.
Only poison, flying, is also weakly attacking a stone type.
The combination of his types gives him convenient distribution to combat most types, so it can be difficult to fight.
Here’s what is super-efficient against scraping at Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.


  • Poison-2x weak
  • Flying-2x weak
  • Stone-2x weak

How to turn scraped to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Villain)-Pokémon of Fiery/Herbal type in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet games.
This gives him only three weaknesses, one of which he can contrast his herbal type.
It has an equal attack as well as a special attack, which means that it can be built as a physical or special attacking one.

He also studies the various movements of the coatings and status, which makes it even more annoying.
Fighting with Sculley, we recommend using a flying or poisonous type of Pokémon.
He does not have a large mass or protection, which means that if you can be ahead of its speed, you can knock it before he has time to act.
A quick flying type is the best choice, since scraping can only learn Rollout for a super-efficient attack against Flying, while it can learn many herbal movements for Rock and Zen Headbutt for toxic types.
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