Henry Cavill Starts Filming His New Warhammer 40K Series For Prime Video

It h not been the best months for Henry Cavill.
The actor h been stripped of the two roles that have raised stardom, Superman’s and Gerald de Rivia in The Witcher, the Netflix series.


And the worst of all, many suggest that he left this second to play Clark Kent again and in the end DC h left him in the stake and h run out of both.
But there is light at the end of the tunnel.
The night is always darker just before dawn.
The Hollywood Reporter h just announced that Cavils’s next project is an adaptation of Warhammer 40k for Amazon Prime Video.
According to the magazine, Amazon is in very advanced conversations to get the rights of the universe and the imaginary created by Games Workshop.
With them, the company’s producer would try to make a series at height next to Vertigo Entertainment (with whom they will also carry out the adaptation of Horizon Zero Dawn).
And although dates, show runners and practically all the details related to the project are unknown, there is one already sure: Henry Cavill would be one of the pillars of it.
Not only would it act, but it would also be one of its executive producers.
It is difficult to imagine Cavils saying no to anything related to Warhammer.
The actor is a declared fan of his miniatures, to whom he dedicates hours and hours.
There have been times when I invited people home and I have proudly shown my collection. They stared at me, articulated a what cool, silenced, and I listened to them to think: Plee, that
Someone fell from here, I need a beer, the actor recently joked in the Podct Happy Sad Confused.

The controversy mockery about Warhammer

In fact, Henry Cavill’s relationship with Warhammer starred in all kinds on social networks when the actor went to the Late Night of Graham Norton, one of the most successful presenters in the United Kingdom.
Although we do not doubt the good intentions of Norton, and we are sure that he only sought to tear a smile, the condescension of his comments seemed to make Cavils feel uncomfortable and enraged part of the hearing.
Norton referred to the figurines toys, portrayed his guest’s fans something childish and typical of young children, and even referred to her World of Warcraft repeatedly, regardless of whether they corrected him.

The next Warhammer video game

It is not a bad time for the premiere of the series, because the work of Games Workshop h already become a transmedia product that lives a specially golden era in the world of video games with a launch a year (sometimes even more).

His next game is especially exciting, because it is Space Marine 2, the direct sequel to that authentic cult jewel that will sign Relic Entertainment in 2011: Warhammer 40,000 Space Marines.
In The Game Awards 2022 there w a new and spectacular gameplay trailer of Space Marine 2 in which it w confirmed that we will put ourselves again in the skin of Captain Titus, although now turned into a Primaries Space Marine, the body of Elite of these warriors,
Authentic legends of combat that are like angels of death for the rest of humans.
It will arrive in 2023 for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X | S (Only Next Gen).