Avatar 2 in the best conditions: to see or not to see?

Avatar 2: The Water of Water is the sequel to Avatar (2009), a film that was groundbreaking in its time and which is also considered one of the best movies ever made. Maybe because of this, it’s hard not to feel excited about the release of Avatar 2: The Water of Water. However, there are conflicting opinions about viewing it.

Obviously, for the experience desired by James Cameron to be the most overall and the most immersive, you need to discover the right space to find this 3:12 film long.
Understanding that the Papa of Terminator 2 chose the HFR (High Frame Rate) to make the action more fluid and more readable, your cinema should be equipped with tools to forecast 48 frames per second.
In general, the rooms geared up with Dolby Cinema and IMAX enable such a making, but we strongly encourage you to look if the movie will be well evaluated in HFR.
Likewise, although 3D has passed out of style, and we have actually never been a fan of this procedure, Avatar 2 needs to be enjoyed in these conditions, the movie taking another scale with glasses on the head.
This is even more real considering that brand-new models have appeared, in specific the Dolby versions which replicate with sharpness and brightness the rendering wanted by James Cameron.
Some likewise evoke the 4DX, but really genuinely, with the quantity of water that the film projects, there is a likelihood that you capture a cold at the end of the session, provided winter temperatures that prevail in this
minute throughout France.
Anyhow, you are now warned!

In a few hours, the whole world will have the ability to discover Avatar 2: the Water of Water, a sequel expected for 13 years now and which has made it possible for James Cameron to press the limitations of cinema.
It needs to be stated that to recreate the aquatic world of Pandora, the filmmaker provided himself the ways of his ambitions, having used revolutionary technological tools.
To make the world of undersea credible, James Cameron has established tools to recreate water to excellence, unquestionably the most complicated component to reproduce in artificial images.
In addition to this tool which needed 5 years of research & development, James Cameron also handled to movie the efficiency capture underwater, which was not an easy task we imagine it.
It was the sine qua none condition so that the motions of the actors, face along with motions, are as sensible as possible.
With three years of recording (from July 2017 to September 2020), with a few breaks related to COVID, the production of Avatar 2 was long, tiresome and above all really costly.
As everybody understands today, for the film to be rewarding, it needs to turn into one of the 3 biggest movie theater successes of perpetuity, to produce about $2 billion in box workplace.
This is undoubtedly possible, the movies crossing the billion quite quickly nowadays, especially considering that China will project the feature movie of Cameron in its borders, which ought to assist the filmmaker to accomplish some prowess.


List of $5 movie theater that will use this light program
Path Beaugrenelle (Paris 15).
Garment Rennes.
Path Raise (Lyon).
Path Dock Rouen.
Path La Juliette (Marseille).

In this regard, Dolby and Disney have actually teamed up to make the forecast of the movie even more immersive, with the development of a luminous vegetable passage which leads to the projection room Dolby Cinema in France.
A path made up of tillandsia suspended and flower beds in effect of waves, making a course that is both magical and natural, for an immersion in the ensured Pandora universe.


Avatar 2, how lots of times do you see it?

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