NACON RIG 800 PRO headset competition, A copy to win.

BACON is a company that has been an industry-leading manufacturer of games and video devices. They have teamed up with Advent to create a hardware Advent calendar where you can win a RIG 800 Pro headset for PC and PlayStation.

Contest of the Advent Hardware calendar: a RIG 800 Pro HS helmet for PC and PlayStation de Nacon to win!
On the event of the end of year events, Games online joined forces with the primary manufacturers of computer devices to think of a hardware Advent calendar.
Routinely until December 24 (every two or 3 days), computer peripheral tests are released in our columns, all associated with competitions allowing the most sag aces to win copies of the items tested-to attempt its luck at the
Competition, simply answer our couple of questions, whose responses are in the tests.
A new door of our Hardware cleaning calendar is shaking today on a RIG 800 Pro HS helmet for PC and PlayStation de Nacon.
The test is below, and the competitors is readily available here.
You can attempt your luck now and for two days, until this Wednesday, December 21, 2022, at 9:59 am-a brand-new test and a new competition will follow in stride at 10 a.m.
Good luck to everyone!
Contempt: a RIG 800 Pro HS helmet for PC and PlayStation de Nacon to win
Since at Job, we never do things as they are expected to be done, we even make you win a helmet that is not the one we evaluated.
Indeed, we had in our hands their design created for the Xbox, but it is that planned for the PlayStation consoles that we offer to win today.
Don’t stress if you don’t have each of the consoles, all headsets in the 800 Pro range are compatible with the PC.
Let us be straight a thorn of the foot.
There are extremely little differences in between the various gadgets.
Apart from the connection methods (an Xbox helmet need to go through 2.4 GHz when a PC or PS helmet will prefer Bluetooth), the only technical specificity that has been kept in mind on the design meant for Xbox is the existence on the
Helmet of a roulette governing the balance between the noise of your video game and the sound of your feline.
Apart from this specific point, the helmets appear rather similar from a technical point of view and the only distinctions are visual (the design offered the PC has simply colors somewhat various from console models).

Rig, that informs me something…

And you are probably not incorrect.

Rig is a brand at first established by Electronics, a brand vanished following its blend with the Poly com brand under the common name of Poly.
To better refocus on the very organization target of Poly (which produces the spiders you see in your conference room or helmets offered call centers, for instance), the Gaming Department of Electronics has actually been put up for sale, and C.
‘ is Bacon who purchased the entire, consisting of everything that was straight or indirectly the RIG variety.
There is also a winner that if you have had a RIG helmet in hand in current years, this version will never change you even it is based upon what was done previously.
It is clearly more in the coastline than there is a noteworthy front leap.

An unchanged design.

The Rig 800 Pro are constantly basically made from plastic and always offer the very same modular flexibility that had actually made the reputation of the brand name: the 2 earrings are totally detachable, and you can position them as you want in three slots on either side and.
Other of the helmet arc.
The headband is obviously self-adjustable, which implies that the helmet can actually adapt to all the types of heads, including the strangest out of your headaches.
The atria deal relative flexibility thanks to a leather outside and a breathable mesh fabric on the contact zones between your skull and the helmet.
The materials planned for the ears are not the widest but have not posed a problem in the context of our test, but it is created that they might be more bothersome for users with wider esgourdes.
It needs to also be kept in mind that there is no option supplied for glasses.
The helmet is very light, less than 300 grams, however its plastic look might produce an impression of fragility compared to the list price.
You will forget it extremely rapidly on your ears, even after long sessions of play. The just little undesirable point is that it tends to wind up keeping your ears hot: you do not recognize it in.
Bearing, but you will feel your ears boiling by eliminating it after 4 or 5 hours.

What is he in his stomach?

The 800 Pro HE that we evaluated offers autonomy of up to 24 hr of reading in wireless mode, depending on what package reveals.
We handled to draw twice more than 23 hours of play, which is a very respectable score.
The recharge is quite long: we took more than 6 hours to reach total recharge, without having the impression that there is a fast charging function (which would provide 50% load in 15 minutes, for example).
It is however there that the base station supplied with the helmet handles its complete significance, given that you simply have to put your helmet on it at the end of your game session at night so that you find the helmet completely packed the next morning.


If you do not wish to go through the base (we wonder in this case why you have actually purchased this helmet), you can also fill it straight via a micro USB cable.
Anything connecting to the helmet controls is on the left headset of the helmet.
Between the power button, volume management, microphone mute and the micro USB port for cable load, it is currently very busy, however include the chat volume management wheel on the design for the Xbox and.
When you want to touch something in the action of the action, it truly becomes a delighted mess throughout the first days of use.
On the other hand, we will highlight the texture of the notched wheels which do not seem in pure plastic, however which are covered with a rubbery material quite easy to acknowledge.
The mute button is perhaps a little too much: undoubtedly, as for years on the Rig helmets, you only have to raise the microphone to cut its capture capabilities.
Much better yet, you can even eliminate it if you don’t have the usage of it.
It is also really flexible and will let you position it best in the face of your mouth with no concern.
We said in front of, not in your mouth.
We see you coming, COD players.

and sound level?

The RIG 800 Pro is equipped with 40 mm audio speakers and bass amplifiers to offer an fascinating sound quality in the majority of video games (we will likewise blame the Dolby Atmos function which is provided on Xbox and PC.
We checked the Xbox version on our games of the minute, notably Destiny 2 and Plague’s Tale: Requiem, however likewise Local Evil Town to test the Dolby Atmos.
Rather honestly, the sound quality provided was really acceptable for a gaming helmet: constantly a little exaggerated bass, however absolutely nothing excruciating, and above all no humiliating distortion in the existence of strong bass.
We would have liked to have access to an equalizer in one method or another (whether on the helmet, an app or software application), but no.
On the other hand, Absolute Canard on Dolby Atmos.


A familiar style (some might state older), a sound quality of outstanding bill, comfort at height for marathon sessions (if you do not wear glasses), an elegant load base that likewise serves as a rest.
– Basque… There is little to toss in this series of RIG 800 Pro helmets, and you ought to be excellent for the 800 pro HS copy that we took into play in our competition!
You can discover the helmet alone for EUR 159.90 and the bases with base are cost EUR 199.90.
This test was performed by Martin with a device offered by the producer who is not the one you can win as part of the competition.
It’s preparing is not the fruit of any financial transaction, whether in between the editor or games online and the producer or companies representing it.