How To Play For Ramatta In Overwatch 2 – Abilities And Tips

Sumatra is designed to open new horizons in Overwatch 2, since it has two forms for switching from Mink and Nemesis.
It can be a little difficult to sort through these forms, but it is necessary to benefit from this tank.


In the comic form, Mantra can get a lot of damage, so it is important to sit correctly (as with any character) and effectively switch these rundowns.

How should Overwatch 2 players use Mantra?

Prefer enemies with low mobility

Sumatra has many cool abilities, but it is very difficult to land nanites (its main fire).
Mantra can spend a whole round, trying to hit Farrah or Echo, just so as not to get any benefit.
More prudently to abandon these battles and look for enemies such as Kenyatta or Ash, with whom Mantra can confidently fight.

Strive for the heads

It is not only difficult to get into them, but the hires almost do not cause any harm to the body.

The only way to really commit murders in the form of an monk with Amatory is to click their heads.
This can be a change in the pace for tankers who prefer other characters such as Dawn or Winston (who really do not need shots in the head).

switch to the form of Nemesis, when there are several enemies around

The Comic form of Mantra is much more fragile than the form of Nemesis.
The compromise lies in the fact that the shape of the OMIT receives a shield, but the way Mantra wants to start command battles is to install the barrier and immediately switch to Nemesis.
This barrier will not last forever, and after that Mantra does not want him to be sent to the Renaissance room after he was focused.

Save Annihilation for key fights

The best tool in the set of Sumatra, no doubt, is his absolute technique: annihilation.
To benefit from this, Mantra will need teammates to monitor the damage that he does to the enemy.
If annihilation can affect the majority or all enemies in battle, all of them can be in the range of things such as the rail gun of the Suborn or the Genii blade.
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