Sergio Agüero Wins Bet On Lionel Messi


This year’s FIFA World Cup in Qatar was an exciting event for soccer fans around the world, and it had an especially interesting moment when Argentine soccer star Sergio Ague made a bet on Lionel Messi. Find out more in this article about the bet that Ague won and what it means for his career!

The Argentine Sergio Ague under the abbreviation of Slakun10 was on the live-streaming portal Twitch throughout the World Cup in Qatar, the Argentine Sergio Ague.

In the days from Doha to the closest circle around Lionel Messi, the previous international was richer by 7382 euros with a bet in favor of the Selection captain.
On November 17, Run Auger wager 1000 euros on Messi as player of the tournament in Katar-Fif days prior to the opening defeat versus Saudi Arabia (1: 2).
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