How To Outsmart Bowser And Defeat Him In Super Mario 64

The Bauer is a cult villain who came across Super Mario in several games.
In Super Mario 64, King Pupa collided with another enemy-analog joystick technology!
This was the first game in which you needed to use an analog joystick on the N64 controller to throw the enemy in this 3D arcade.
So get ready to defeat the Bowler at Super Mario 64!
How to defeat the Bowler in Super Mario 64
How to defeat the final bower at Super Mario 64
How many times should I defeat the Bowler at Super Mario 64?
How to defeat the first Bowler at Super Mario 64
How to defeat the second Bowler at Super Mario 64

How to win the final boxer at Super Mario 64

To defeat the final boxer at Super Mario 64, you should have at least 70 stars.
The final battle with the boss takes place in a peach castle, so make sure that you are well-prepared before fighting King Bowler for the third and last time.
You must catch a boozer by the tail and throw it several times to finally defeat it.
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How many times should I defeat the Bowler at Super Mario 64?

You must defeat the Bauer three times in the Super Mario 64. To complicate the task, it will become more and more dangerous every time you encounter it.
Here’s how to defeat King Pupa, the first and second Bauer, before reaching the third and last battle with him.
The easiest way to catch his tail is to wait until he takes advantage of the ability of fiery breathing.
He will stand still, so use this moment to hide behind him.

Remember that the boxer is much faster in this third battle, so you need to be more careful.


In addition, the battlefield will become less after you throw it on a bomb several times.

How to win the first boxer at Super Mario 64

You must grab his story in order to defeat the first Bauer at Super Mario 64. For this you will stand behind him, which may be difficult if you do not know his movement scheme.
Fortunately, King Pupa is slow at the first meeting with him, so you will not have problems remembering his movements.
When you find yourself behind him, use an analog joystick to turn it several times.
Try to throw it into the nearest mines to inflict significant damage to him.
Repeat this several times until King Bossier escapes.

How to win the second Bowler at Super Mario 64

To defeat the second Bowler at Super Mario 64, you must collect more than 30 stars and solve several puzzles on the way to the battle with the boss in the Sea of Fire.
Here you will meet King Couple for the second time.
You will need to find out his story again, but this time it will not be so simple.
The second Boss Bowler has several new abilities that make this fight more complicated.
The boxer can now shoot fireballs, as well as tilt the platform on which you are fighting.
In order not to fall into the lava, run away as soon as he hit the floor.
In addition to these small problems, you still have the same task, so grab its story as soon as possible and throw it.
Repeat the process until he runs away again.
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