Mario Kart: Bowsers Challenge Unveils Restrictions For Overweight Guests at Universal Studios

As already known, this month will open the Super Nintendo World for Universal Studios de Los Angeles in the United States, this along with a handful of attractions for the whole family.
And without a doubt, one of the games that most attracts attention is that of Mario Kart: Bowlers Challenge, which has certain limitations in terms of physical complexion.
According to what is said, people who want to access the route must have at least 40 inches, which is 101.6 cm.


This in order for users to be sure at all times.
For some excessively thin visitors who accompany them could get out of the car, either because the bar does not hold them or that does not close because of their complexion.

Given this, Jim Sea, president of the Premier Rides Mountain manufacturer, mentions that a stall and above all safe stay is sought, so they must follow their established measures.
There are people who have already complained with the issue, but for that they have ensured to put a trial car before forming, everything to check their measures.
Remember that the Super Nintendo World of Universal Studios in California opens on February 17.
Via: Nintendo Life
Editor’s note: We will have to diet before venturing this park, especially for those who travel to the United States of LATAM, so not to leave the tacos for a few months.