The Lords Of The Fallen: Where Is The New Video? Take A Look At These Stunning Screenshots Instead!


The release date of The Lords of the Fallen is still expected for the year 2023.

The last time we had actually spoken with The Lords of the Fallen was at the beginning of last December, during the Video game Awards evening.
A trailer enabled us to see that the advancement continued well on the side of hex works, with the added benefit of the proof that the choice of the Unreal Engine 5 was paid.
Today, the title is back on the front of the stage with not a new video with gameplay, however a series of a couple of screenshots, which allow you to value the quality of the graphics.
It needs to be said that in regard to DA and environment, the Spanish studio was quite motivated by the titles of From software, however will attempt to breathe its own character.
When it comes to history, we remember that it takes place more than 1,000 years after the occasions of the first game. The developers let us understand that The Lords of the Fallen will offer a five-time map larger than the initial video game, with a.
Really Action-RPG experience, filled with NPC missions, characters and a story that assures to be fascinating.