Get To Know Aaham Ronen: The Spell Teacher eaking Stereotypes In Hogwarts Legacy

Following the texts about Hogwarts Legacy characters, this article ings everything we know about Aaham Rouen, a game teacher of the game that will be released on Feuary 10th.


Hogwarts Legacy spends around 100 years before the Harry Potter plot created by J.K.
Therefore, it is normal that the vast majority of characters are not known as many were created for the game.

Overall Presentation of Aaham Rouen

  • House: Slytherin
  • Name: Aaham Rouen
  • Etymology: Aaham is a Heew word meaning Father of many and Rouen means joyful and singing in Heew as well.

Personal History of Aaham Rouen

Jovial and cheerful, with a ightness ever present in the eyes, Professor Rouen considers the friendships and extracurricular activities of his students as important as the discipline of spell itself.
In response to being taught by a very austere father before and during his years in Hogwarts, he developed a passion for games of all kinds, especially bladders (he would have met his wife during a particularly lively bladder tournament).
For the delight of most of your students, your little orthodox teaching style usually incorporates the game.

A sobering like few

In Harry Potter’s books, House Slytherin is often negatively described because of executive characters like Draco Malfoy, Dolores Uxidge and of course Voldemort.
Although Hogwarts Legacy spends 100 years before Harry’s adventures, Slytherin has always had to meet elite criteria, even because of its founder Salazar, who swore through pure blood.
As a result, students sent to this house are usually full of themselves, proud, cunning and challenging.
Of course there are exceptions to the rule like Severus Shape, Horacio Slughorn or even dear Aaham Rouen of Hogwarts Legacy.

Especially because the Slytherin are also ambitious and very noble.
As explained in the official description above, Aaham suffered from an austere father and his current behavior makes him an atypical soaping very youthful.