Redfall: Single Player Mode Will Now Require An Always Online Connection

The Arcane Studios development team has actually answered even more questions about Red fall on the FAQ page for the approaching game.
Amongst other things, it is verified here that an irreversible internet connection is needed if you want to play the vampire title.
Incidentally, this also applies to the single player.

If you do not have an internet, you have to do without Red fall.
Of course, this decision is not well received by all fans.

Why does Red fall have a Constantly online compulsion?

Although the makers revealed that a person always needs to be online for speakers-one factor for this has actually not yet been called.
Nevertheless, it is likely to be associated with the online co-op mode, which is the focus of the new Arcane task.
One is not only based on all titles with an internet obsession to be based on your own connection.
And if one day the speaker goes completely offline, the single player can no longer be utilized.


By the way, there is still a requirement for speaker.
According to the FAQ, an account at is also required, which you need to connect to your account on Steam or the Xbox ID.
The release was just verified a few days ago.
From the 2.
The brand-new vampire video game for PC and Xbox Series X/S is offered in May 2023.
Customers of the Xbox Video game Pass can be downloaded and get started straight at the start and start.
In theory, it is possible that the Arcane Studios will subsequently remove the Always online compulsion for the single gamer with an upgrade.
This has actually just recently shown Back 4 Blood, which initially needed a long-term internet connection and later on offered an offline single player.
Far, those responsible have not shared a statement on the topic.
Source: Bethesda
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