Meet Ogu and Secret Forest: An IP Adventure For Producers and Developers Alike

‘OSU’, a character with the motif of the motor, is a character that started with emoticons and developed into an IP from various derivatives.
In addition, the ‘OSU and Secret Forest’, which Sink HOL Studio is being developed by Sink HOL Studio, looked like a simple adventure using famous IP, but the BIC 2022 stage showed a solid basics and supported by the Big em project supported by the Pearl Abyss and BIC Organizing Committee.
It was selected.


At the Taipei Game Show Indie Game Award, it was nominated for the audio category, but unfortunately the award was only failed.

The reason why I was able to catch two rabbits, the basic machine of IP and the game, was simple.
Moon Jong-un, CEO of the original author, Moon Lab Studio, was developing with Sink HOL Studio.
The two representatives of Won Jong-il, CEO of Moon Jong-un and Sink HOL Studio, who were between high school alumni, met and talked about their business and reached an agreement that they could complement each other’s shortcomings.

Sync HOL Studio has long developed its own development power, but lacks a killing title to catch the public’s eyes.
On the contrary, Mun lab Studio’s ‘OSU’ was popular with the public, but had to prepare a means to expand into other media.
Those who fits the needs together, and Moon Jong-un participated in the game’s art work.
In addition, the BIC 2022 followed the Taipei Game Show.

‘OSU and Secret Forest’, which has been developing since last year, has made the advantage of the IP original participation.
In particular, Moon Jong-un, who had a lot of emoticon work experience, captured the ‘cuteness’ that could appeal to the public.
In the standby state, I didn’t just stay still, but I danced every single dancing movement.
According to Won Joong-kyu, he added ‘remaining’ and raised the charm of the character in the media of the game.

The charm also shine at the Taipei Game Show.
In the meantime, I was able to look closely at the middle character or ask what kind of character it was.
After approaching the global through art, the two representatives talked about the process of fostering users to attract users with well-refined game design.

A cute game is easy to think of a simple composition, but I think that if you have an adventure, you can have some adversity to have fun.
Although it plays a role, the character ‘OSU’ does not simply end in appearance, but is designing a game that moves alive in the game genre of ‘adventure’.

Currently, there are four developers, including the two of us.
Sometimes I hear that it’s a game that sticks a lot because it is said to be a company.
In fact, Our’s character can only make emoticons, but it seems that he loves games and wants to make a game.

The game of memories I have played before is Pokémon and Zelda’s legendary islands, and I dream of a work that can be a good memory for someone.
I will try with a good quality so as not to be ashamed.

OSU and Secret Forests are scheduled to be released in March this year, and are being developed with the goal of official launch in 2024.
After the official launch of the PC version, the company plans to expand to the console and iOS version.