Did Enzo Fernandez Deliver On His Record Transfer Price? An In-Depth Look At His Performance On FIFA 23 Chelsea

FC Chelsea Enzo Fernandez from Benefice Lisbon has worked with for 121 million euros.
The shooting star of Argentina at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar is meant to assist stop the downward pattern in the Premier League.

You will be spoiled for choice in the future if you want to play the blues in FIFA 23.
Since the choice is large, be it Mason Mount, ex-Gladbacher Denis Bavaria, Hakim Zilch, Mateo Kovacs or 100 million newbie Mikhail Muddy.
If it is after the overall score, Enzo Fernandez need to initially arrive at the bench.
Except for Muddy, Fernandez is located with a rating of 80 listed below which of his rivals.

on (nearly) every position can be utilized

If you direct the fortunes of the Londoners in career mode, you can look forward to a player with terrific prospective.
This is 87. In addition, the 21-year-old is to be utilized polyvalence.
In addition to the goalkeeper, the Argentinian loses just a couple of points of his assessment in all positions outside the central midfield.
However, is it likewise suitable for everyone in terms of his attributes?
Essentially: Fernandez is quite quick (77 acceleration, 72 sprint), has exceptional pass capabilities (83 short passes, 82 long passes) and, according to FIFA, can also finish defensive work (75 tackling, 74 Gretchen).
So if there is a need on the external lane, Fernandez would certainly be more than a great short-lived assistance.


Only in the storm it would not always be the best alternative, with a 66 in the end and 66 in the header accuracy, these values are more typically.
His strengths come into their own in the central-fitting or central midfield, and it can likewise bring a lot of difference into your video game as a six.
The ten-time global of Argentina can not be designated to a clear type.
He is not the pure duels, dribbler or box-to-box gamer.
Fernandez can enter into the battles, produce spaces with dribbling or, if required, or act from charge location to charge location due to its speed.
Due to its exceptional pass values, it can play long balls as a quarterback, such as Joshua Gimmick, play long balls as a shift or steeply behind the chain, but also in a Tiki take.

FUT: More alternatives in chemistry

If you wish to use it in FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) in the future, also with a view to special cards, you must more than happy about your relocate to Chelsea.
The reason: The brand-new league and the club open up much better chances to generate chemical points.
At Benefice Lisbon in the Portuguese league, the alternatives at a high level were less luxurious.
In the room, for example, there is a combination with Lionel Messi and Premier League associate such as Kevin de Bruyne or Virgil van Disk, each of which was picked in Tony.
At Chelsea FC, Bavaria would be provided, whose gold card was incredibly popular at the start due to its exceptional speed and physical worth.
The Swiss got an improved, tournament card for the World Cup.
In FIFA 23, the transfer from Enzo Fernandez to Chelsea opened brand-new doors for the gamers.
Simplified mixes in FUT, a great deal of variation on the field, a variable player with potential in career mode.