Conquer The Monopoly Challenge In Bitlife: A Complete Step-By-Step Guide

It is this period of the week once again in Bit life, and it is time for the new obstacle to arrive.
You have four days in overall to finish it when it was very first launched, and you must satisfy all the conditions before completion of the time designated.
The difficulty of this week is skyrocketing the Monopoly Obstacle and you need to appreciate six conditions.
Here is what you need to do to end up the difficulty.
Start a very first generation life
Have 1 palace
2 castles
3 haunted homes
5 log huts
10 town homes
The Monopoly difficulty is to have a variety of different homes.
Due to the variety of kinds of homes you should have, it works to have a substantial income at hand.

The very first thing to do is to make sure you do it on a character who is not of another generation that you played.
They need to be a brand name new character.


To assist in the task for those who play on iPhone, you can drive till you have a royal character, then have an obscene sum of money to begin your video game.
Android users will have to end up being an actor, another well-paid profession or a famous person.
Each of the places is something you can buy in the asset tab icon.
You may require to inspect the properties available each year to purchase all the choices for the tab.
Search the alternatives readily available to try to discover it.
Among the houses has an excellent possibility of being haunted for you, but it is a coincidence.
You should see the options offered on the list, and you can strike each of them when you have the cash for them.
Palaces and castles are only available in particular locations.
You may be required to walk around the world to purchase them, for instance living in the UK to buy a palace or go to Scotland to buy a castle.
Update the active page every few years to broaden your search and increase your opportunities of discovering one on the market.
The hardest part is insufficient to buy them, so you want to keep a steady and well paid task throughout your character’s life.