Game Water Management Committee Sees 27-Fold Surge In Complaints In 2022, Led By Blue Archive Age Rating

Complaints received in 2022 by the Game Water Management Committee (Chairman Kim Kyu-cheol) increased 27 times compared to the previous year.

Most of the complaints were the number of people’s age rating, represented by ‘Blue Archive’.

On the 6th, the National Civil Rights Commission (Chairman Jean Hunched, hereinafter referred to as the National Rights Commission) announced the results of the analysis of 12.38 million civil complaints collected in 2022 and the future civil analysis.

The game was more than teenagers’ schools, Corona 19, etc.
In the twenties, games were the second-largest complaints after military service and local avoidance facilities.

The game committee received a total of 48,475 complaints last year.
It increased 2,763.3% year-on-year.
There were 36,998 complaints against the upgrade of age rating.
The complaint accounted for 76.3%.

Last year, the Game Water Management Committee conducted ex officio reclassification for selection of games such as Blue Archive, Fate/Grand Order, Girl Front, and Mongol Ark.
At that time, the reason for the clear reason was not known, the Game Management Committee had a backlash of many users.

The National Civil Rights Commission systematically analyzes the big data of civil complaints and provides them to each institution to support various systems and policies that cause civil complaints.


This year, the KICK plans to increase analysis accuracy.

Chairman Jean Hunched said, The use of civil complaints big data analysis is expected to promote the government’s data-based administration beyond business innovation, ultimately eliminating national complaints and dramatically improving the quality of people’s lives.