Get Ready To Play Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: A Demo Is Coming Soon!

To all individuals who do not yet understand what to believe of To Long: Fallen Dynasty, understand that Goa Team prepares the release of a playable demonstration readily available in a few weeks on all the platforms on which the video game is prepared.
PC, PS5, Xbox Series, PS4 and Xbox One, there will be no envious, everyone can make a sneak peek opinion on this action game very inspired by Nigh, and for excellent reason, it was developed by the same
group, particularly the Ninja team.
The demo will be available from February 24:9 a.m.) up until March 27, 2023:8 a.m.) and will enable you to get your hands on two levels, namely Chapter 1: Village of calamity and chapter 2: Two heroic heroes.
The opportunity to discover the gameplay, however likewise the atmosphere motivated by the history of the three kingdoms, which is here plagued with devils.
That’s not all, understand that online multiplayer will also be readily available in the demonstration, which will likewise enable you to make a very first viewpoint.
Otherwise, understand that by transferring the data saved from the first level to the final game, the players will get Lob jet helmet of the leaning dragon.


The little reward that is pleased.

When it comes to the release of To Long: Fallen Dynasty, it is scheduled for March 16.