FC Nürnberg Makes History in DFB Cup: Reaches Quarter-Finals as Second Division Club

  1. FC Nuremberg is the only 2nd department club in the quarter-finals of the DFB Cup.
    The four-time cup winner dominated 5: 3 in the round of 16 against the league competing Fortuna Düsseldorf in a charge shootout and moved back to the quarter-finals after twelve years.
    After the regular playing time and the extension, it was 1: 1.
    Taycan Human (90. +3) had actually brought the team of coach Markus Easier into the extension, in which Florian Flick saw the red card because of an emergency brake (120th).
    The two-time cup winner Düsseldorf had actually had the round of the last 8 after David Knack’s goal (33rd).
    In front of 25,216 viewers in limit Pollock Arena, the hosts were the more active team 4 days after the derby defeat in Fürth (0: 1).
    Fortuna goalkeeper Florian Steinmeier guided a shot from Lino Tengelmann on the crossbar (26th).
    Kashmir was likewise on hand against Radio Dual (30th) and Christoph Darner (32nd).


FC Nuremberg conserves himself late
The guests then took the lead through their first chance.
Knack headed a cross from Emmanuel Iowa.
There were hardly any liquid actions, both groups are unsettled, stated Düsseldorf s director Klaus Allows during the break at Sky.


Nuremberg at first remained game-determining in the second round.
Darner stopped working once again at Steinmeier (52nd).
On the other hand, AO Tanaka put the ball simply over the objective (55th), Knack granted double (60th, 69th).
Alternative Human saved Nuremberg into the extension in which no goals were scored.