Path of exile

How to Express Anger in Hogwartss Heritage

Hogwarts’s heritage does not limit you to the righteous path.
If you wondered is you can be angry or not in the game, be sure that you can.
You can use unforgivable curses, help suspicious characters, and not stop them, make friends with potential villains and develop your character in dark arts.
Nevertheless, it is important to note that there are several restrictions on your Evil Homes of Hogwarts.
You cannot become the next Lord Woman de Mort and destroy everything and everyone in the game.
This is due to the fact that the game is intended to protect the heritage of the School of Worship and the Magic of Hogwarts and its students, at least to a certain extent depending on your choice.

Put any unforgivable curse

There are several curses and dark spells in the world of dark magic that you can use to cause suffering.
Of these many curses, three are the most deadly and are known as unforgivable curses.
The first Arvada of the Cedar, also known as a murderous curse, allows you to commit an instant murder and betrays your victim of death without any scars or injuries.
You can unlock it in the quest In the shadow of the relic.
The second unforgivable curse is the curse of Fruits, which allows you to sacrifice unbearable torture until her brain surrenders, and it will not go crazy.
You can unlock it in the quest In the shadow of the office.
The third unforgivable curse, Imperious Curse, allows you to control your sacrifice and is unlocked in the quest in the shadow of time.

This is similar to hypnosis and gives you complete control over the victim.
These three curses are allowed in the Hogwarts heritage, and you can apply them without fear of being sent to Azkaban.
There is no morality in the game, so there is no chance to get to prison Azkaban, practicing these unforgivable curses.
However, you will not be able to impose the curse of Avid Cedar on another student of Hogwarts, because the school is intended to protect his students, and the imposition of the curse will go against this.

make friends with evil friends or help the villains

Another way to embark on the path to evil is to help other evil people.
In Hogwarts’s Heritage, you will meet Sebastian Sallow, a student of the Slytherin faculty, deeply interested in dark arts.
His twin sister suffers from mysterious illness, and Sebastian has to look for medicine.
You can help him look for medicine in dark, forbidden and forgotten knowledge.
It will also introduce you to dark arts.
You can also become angry, helping the villains instead of stopping them.


Raise your dark arts

In Hogwarts’s Heritage, there is a tree of talents of dark arts that tracks your progress in dark arts.
When you attend classes, you study some spells of dark arts and earn glasses for wood talents of dark arts.
The world of dark arts is quite extensive and consists of evil eye, curses, spells, potions, dark objects and even dark creatures.
You can get knowledge about these dark arts and use dark spells, such as Petrifies Totals (immobilization spell) and many others.
Thanks to the system of lack of morality in the Hogwarts Heritage, you will not have to worry about punishment for evil, but you must remember that any of your solutions significantly affects history.
Evil passage will affect the ending, but this is exactly what brings joy to the dark soul!