Movie – The adventure of a lifetime!

The disclosures of Super Mario os.
do not stop.
This Wednesday (8) the official profile of the film published a new poster that ings Mario in his well-known platform world: only in 3D.
The animation is Nintendo’s partnership with Illumination studio and will be published by Universal in azilian theaters on April 4, 2023.
The production, directed by Aaron Format and Michael Hellenic (young Titans in Action) and scripted by Matthew Vogel (Minions: The Origin of GRU), ings the iconic characters in the franchise such as Luigi, Princess Peach, Toad, Bowler and even Donkey
Kong (another famous Nintendo icon)-besides, of course, Mario, our favorite plumber.
To date several trailers (including dubbed) and posters have been announced, check out all:

All the posters of Super Mario os-O Movie

Some posters published as advertising focus on the characters individually, as well as iconic places and items of the franchise as a background.
While the main one focuses on the conflict between the Kingdom of Mushrooms and the Loops Kingdom.
Check out all posters released from Super Mario os.:
Nintendo is not saving on references, having elements from other franchise games, such as the beloved Mario Kart series-Rainbow Road appears prominently in one of the trailers.

Still on Tuesday Nintendo will oadcast the first Nintendo Direct of the year at 7 pm asília.


The 40-minute event ings the main news of Big N games that are coming in this first half of 2023.