Mutated Expeditions board temporarily disabled.

Check out the updates over at New World.


Instead of waiting any longer, the new boards and their classifications and lots of sub-categories are here. At initially, the team launched whatever and made an original statement, asking people to simply remain out of the mutated expedition board.

new worlds leaderboards are live, with the arrival of the most recent update. The team has briefly disabled performance on the mutated expeditions board up until they can repair an issue.

Since today, there is no ETA on a repair, but getting this section up and running is most likely to be a top priority.

Most of the brand-new function is undamaged, with the Leaderboards being something that the New World team had actually been looking to add for a while now. They’ve acknowledged that it took additional time to get everything into place, and they even wanted they hadn’t announced it so soon, but now Leaderboards are here. Mainly.

In any case, they labeled this direction as a momentary workaround, however about an hour later, decided to just disable this one section for the time being.