31 Online Games You Can Play on PS4 and PS5 Without PS Plus Subscription

Normally you require a PS plus subscription if you desire to play video games online on your PS4 or PS5.
However, there are also a number of exceptions that you can play without a membership.
What kind of list is that?
In this list we present you to great deals of games that you can use your PS4 or PS5 without a PS-Plus subscription.
The majority of games on the list are free and depend on in-game purchases as a financing design.
At the current time (February 2023) you can play 32 games without a subscription on your console.
You will find the video games sorted alphabetically on our list.
Also note that you can also play most PS4 video games on your PS5, thanks to down compatibility.

peak legends

What is Apex Legends?
It is played either as a 2 or 3 groups in a Fight Royale.
A total of 20 or 30 groups complete against each other.
Which team stays in the end wins.
Pinnacle is a mix of Overwatch and War zone, the Fight Royale mode of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.
The game has many classic aspects of the BR, but the characters likewise differ.
Each player has a different hero who has different skills, such as a healing drone, or quicker running when shelling.
Peak Legends costs EUR 0.25 in the PS Store, however just due to the fact that it is from the age of 18.
This resembles Warframe.
Who is Pinnacle Legends appropriate for?
Players who want to use their time efficiently, because the rounds start very rapidly in Apex.
Fans of video games like Fortnite and Overwatch alike, due to the fact that Pinnacle uses both good BR elements and hero gameplay.
Players who like a lot of action and quick battles, due to the fact that the Map of Apex is rather small and numerous battles are inevitable.
Link to download: Here you can discover Peak Legends in the PS store


What is Valhalla?
In this game you can practically battle with your pals.


The game structure is reminiscent of Super Smash Bros. and operates comparably.
In the 2D platform swelling you get different weapons, such as blaster or axes to select from and can then batter each other.
You have more than 50 characters to select from, and you can also use guest stars like Lara Croft or Dwayne The Rock Johnson.
Who is Valhalla ideal for?
For the whole family with children from the age of 12-the video game is kept in a comic design and is simple to get going.
Fans of Super Smash Bros., who do not have a switch or search for variety.
Players who are looking for work for work-the battles are action-packed and fast, and you don’t have to invest hours in the game.
Link to download: Here you can discover Valhalla in the PS shop

Call of Task: War zone 2

What is Call of Duty: War zone?
This is the Fight Royale from Call of Responsibility.
War zone started as a modern Warfare spin-off, but then loosened up and has been available for all gamers for free ever since.
In Cod War zone you compete versus other players or teams on a substantial map.
Poisonous smoke decreases the map a growing number of and in the end the player wins, who survives last.
Cod War zone utilizes reasonable content.
The weapons are new and sensible updates regularly bring brand-new weapons or functions into play.
Cod War zone costs 25 cents in the PS shop, as it needs to not be offered totally free of charge as a game from 18.
Who is Call of Task: War zone suitable?
Fans of especially realistic games-the graphic is strong and the sensation of the game is reminiscent of real battles in numerous places.
Specifically among the shooters, there is barely a more reasonable alternative.
Shooter fans, because Cod War zone is thought about one of the finest shooter video games that are presently on the market and ratings with strong gameplay.

  • Group gamer, because here you are often only successful if you play sensibly and address well.
    Link to download: Here you can find Call of Responsibility: War zone in the PS store