How to Block Hogwarts Legacy – Protecting Your Child from the Magic of Hogwarts

Hogwarts Legacy puts players in the role of a fifth year student at the Magic School of Hogwarts.
However, like the Harry Potter series, there is more than just attending classes and meeting with friends.
There are new villains, secrets and enemies that will surround you if you don’t pay much attention.
Fortunately, there is a blocking function to help with crowd control.
Here is how to block Hogwarts Legacy.

Enemies blocking at Hogwarts Legacy

The blocking function allows players to focus their magic and other attacks on a specific enemy.
It is very useful when you are surrounded by multiple enemies so that your combo is not interrupted by one of the enemies that get in your way.
The players can set a specific enemy by pressing the right joystick in a controller regardless of the platform, or the capital bloc key that is the predetermined on the PC, and move the right joystick to the left or to the right to change between objectives.
Simply press the right joystick again to deactivate the blockade and be able to move freely.
The game is very generous when it comes to automatic aim, so failed shots are rarely a problem, but the blockade is key to first eliminating certain enemies when you are in an ambush of multiple objectives.
Fixing will be vital for some of the most difficult fights in Hogwarts Legacy, especially if you are also circling trying to avoid hurting you, so it is a good game mechanics to have now in your rear pocket.
That is how to block in Hogwarts Legacy.


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