How to Use Different Potions at the Same Time in Hogwarts Legacy to Strengthen Your Character and Take on Powerful Enemies in the Hero Heritage


The potions can significantly strengthen your character if you find yourself in a difficult position with powerful enemies in the Hogwarts Heritage.
Ultimately, you will be instructed to use the potion of Euros and Maxim’s potion at the same time to learn the repulse’s spell from Professor Sharp.
If you have difficulties with this, we can help.
Here’s how different potions can be used at the same time in the Hogwarts heritage.

How to use the potion of Euros and the Maxim Potion at the same time in the Hogwarts heritage

In our example, we will use two potions that Professor Sharp sets you, as well as buttons for PS5.
You can start with the fact that you will drink the potion of Eds or Maxim.
Press and hold the button in the L1 to open the wheel, then press the right joystick to highlight the desired potion.
Issue L1 continuing to press the joystick.
This will allow you to click L1 on the main game screen and drink the potion.
The effects of the potions of Euros and Maxima will last 20 seconds.
To drink them at the same time, you just need to take the steps described above again to drink another potion before the action of the first potion that you drank will disappear.
It is important to note that you do not need to fight with enemies while you are doing this to complete the task of Professor Sharp.
Admission to pressing and holding at the right time to switch the active potion during a battle with enemies may require some practice.
If you want to complete the task quickly, just use two potions outside the battle, when not so much pressure.
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