Dead Space Remake: Developers Aim to Continue Cult Horror Franchise – Celebrated by Players and Press

Dead Area’s remake is also celebrated by the press as well as the players.
And where success is, a sequel is usually not far away.
If you went on a more run with a new video game+, a reference to a possible Dead Space 2 remake had already hid at the end of the very first scary game.
The designer would also like to continue working on the franchise.

On Reddit, the responsible studio concepts responded to the questions of the fans.
There it was stated that there is an interest in continuing the work.
However, it must initially be discussed whether this is the next step for the studio and there are things to think about on a number of levels.


First for many things would go on trip.
There is also a video game for Iron Male in the MANET.
The story and its characters had produced a solid foundation on which one could construct.