Austin Majors | Actor Dies at 27 | Tragic Loss of a Young Star

Something that always happens every year or not, is the death of prominent figures within the scope of cinema and television, we saw that last year with Robbie Coltrane de Harry Potter.
And now, it is reported that Austin Majors, unfortunately he has died a few days ago at his short 27 years of age.
According to the media, his death occurred on February 11 and supposedly passed through fentanyl overdose.
His family has issued a statement in which he is remembered with love.
Expressing that in general it was a great human being, as well as a relative of high value that was always affectionate.
Here is your comment:

Austin was the type of son, brother, grandson and nephew that made us proud, and we will miss him deeply forever.
Majors is known a lot for his role as Theo Ipswich in the seven seasons of NYPD Blue.
Other important roles it has had been in Treasure Planet, an injured Christmas, Desperate Housewives, How I Met Your Mother, Emergency, among other successes that saw him practically grow, so since childhood he has been present in Hollywood.
Via: TMZ
Editor’s note: These kinds of things are always somewhat hard, especially for those who grew up watching their programs and performances in the movies.
Rest in peace.