How to Increase the Limit of Your Species in Hogwarts Legacy: A Guide for Harry Potter Fans

For Harry Potter fans, Hogwarts Legacy is a dream come true, since the game presents a lot of missions and locations that really give life to the series, everything while allowing you to experience the trip yourself as your own witch or customizable magician.
Players can finally be part of Hogwarts, learn spells and potions, and even collect beasts such as Newt Salamander himself.


Unfortunately, Vivarium only allows 12 beasts, so it is important to know how to increase the limit of your species in Hogwarts Legacy.
This is the way to do it.

How many nurseries are in Hogwarts Legacy?

The only way to increase the limit of its species in Hogwarts Legacy is to get additional vivariums.
In addition to the predetermined, there are three in the game, which makes a total of four.
In each of these, you can contain up to 12 creatures or beasts of four different species.

To unlock the other three nurseries, you must complete three search lines:
The beach nursery: after completing the mission of astronomy and The High Keep, you will receive the Plight of the House-EF mission.
Once you have completed it, Beach Vivarium will be yours.
The Prairie nursery: you must complete the Name Fitzgerald test mission, find Week and talk to him.
He will tell you about the search for Phoenix Rising.
Once you complete, you can have beasts in your newly acquired Meadow Vivarium.
The swamp nursery: the way to get this nursery is to complete the Porto mission of the dead after completing the Charles Lockwood test mission.
Once each one has been unlocked, you can sustain 48 creatures at the same time, making all your beast collection efforts much easier and more rewarding.
Now that you know how to increase the limit of your species in Hogwarts Legacy, you can search for more guides on the game in.
As you can see below, we have all the answers.
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