Why Dark Sun Hasnt Been Revived by Dungeons & Dragons Executive Director Kyle Brink

I’ll be honest right here, the Dark Sun setup is problematic in a lot of methods, Verge said. As well as that’s the main factor we haven’t return to it. We understand it’s obtained a massive fan adhering to, and also we have standards today that make it amazingly difficult to be real to the source product and additionally satisfy our ethical and also inclusion standards… We recognize there’s love out there for it and also god we would like to make those individuals happy, and also we got ta be responsible.

Edge’s answer probably isn’t a surprise to numerous who adhere to Dungeons & Dragons, particularly as the game tries to move previous specific troublesome material located in previous editions. While Dark Sun was a popular setting in both second Edition and 4th Edition, its post-apocalyptic tone, use of specific dream archetypes and stereotypes, and also its heavy use enslavement as an icon of oppression would likely need to be updated as a result of advancing sights on just how oppressive systems are illustrated in video games.


Nevertheless, there are at least a few present D&D makers who have an interest in attempting to modernize Dark Sun in such a way that remains real to its existing styles. For instance, AIT George, one of the style leads for in 2014’s Journeys Via the Glowing Citadel, revealed his interest in tackling a Dark Sun rebirth that would approach the setup as a kind of dark counterpart to the lot more uplifting styles of the Radiant Citadel journeys.

While Wizards of the Coastline is returning to several classic project settings, they’re a little much more reticent on bringing back one preferred setup. Previously this week, Dungeons & Dragons executive director Kyle Edge talked to the Bob the WorldBuilder YouTube channel, proceeding a collection of appearances to rehabilitate D&D’s picture in the wake of the OIL controversy. Throughout the meeting, Bob asked concerning the prospect of a Dark Sun revival, a dark post-apocalyptic setup that focused on limited resources and also ethical ambiguity.


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During the interview, Bob asked concerning the possibility of a Dark Sun revival, a dark post-apocalyptic setting that focused on limited sources and moral obscurity.

Also, the makers of Dark Sun have actually acknowledged that updates would certainly be needed to upgrade the setup. In a recent interview with, Dark Sun co-creator Troy Denying stated that I think if they editioned Dark Sun and also asked me to do it… I would certainly desire to take a really cautious consider and also ensure that the stereotypes were not being made use of adversely and also that we were preventing stereotypes as high as feasible. I’m pleased of everything I carried out in Dark Sun, however that’s not to claim that I couldn’t do it better now.

I’ll be frank right here, the Dark Sun setup is bothersome in a lot of ways, Brink said. In a current meeting with, Dark Sun co-creator Troy Denying said that I believe if they reissued Dark Sun as well as asked me to do it… I would certainly desire to take a very cautious appearance at and make sure that the stereotypes were not being made use of adversely and that we were avoiding stereotypes as a lot as possible.