Page Title: The Mandalorian Chapter 17: The Apostate Explained

The third season of The Mandalorian finally came with chapter 17: the apostate, and with him the answers come to some of the most frequent questions of the advances.
While some questions will require more episodes to be answered, the title of this new chapter helps answer one of the most important questions: what does Din Darin mean when he calls himself apostate?

Why does Din Darin call himself Apostate in The Mandalorian?

At the end of the second season, Din Darin took off his helmet to say goodbye to Grog before the green force user left to start his training with Luke Skywalker.
While this moment meant a lot for Grog and strengthened his connection with command, he had greater consequences for DIN when he returned with his people.
When meeting with the gunsmith in the book of Boba Fett, command revealed that the helmet had been removed, violating and thus revoking the Mandalorian creed.

As a former follower of the creed, Din is now known as an apostate for his people, and the only way to redeem himself is to bathe in living waters under the Mangalore mines.

Can Din Darin redeem yourself?

At the premiere of the third season, Din tells the gunsmith his plans to return with evidence to have bathed in living waters, which probably will not be an easy task since the planet was destroyed by the Empire.
The planet Kalevala is ventured with Grog to talk to BO Satan Prize and discuss his plans to redeem himself in the living waters, and while she advises him, he tells him how to access the Mangalore mines.
As for whether DIN may or may not redeem and resume the Mandalorian creed, it will undoubtedly be revealed more as the rest of the season 3 develops.


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