Defeat the Mysterious Armor Spector in Little Nobeta Witch – Tips and Strategies

While you play the little No beta Witch, you will have to defeat several bosses.
Although you can think that the first boss can be easy, it is possible that it is not in the advanced difficulty, which is, despite the deceptive name, the level of standard difficulty of the game.
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As you approach the Mysterious Specter Armor, you must understand how to dodge attacks correctly, use your load spells and learn your patterns to survive.

You may find this challenging battle if you do not feel comfortable with the mechanics of the game, so familiarize them and learn to face the boss.


Naturally, you will have to prepare for the fight, so keep in mind some tips.



Before the fight begins, you must collect as many elements as possible.
You can obtain some healing elements, a manna crystal and a defense crystal.
While the defense crystal should have, do everything possible to refrain from using it, since you will probably need it for the next boss fight.
You can grab an expansion bag in the first area, near the second statue of the goddess.
You will have to climb the stairs and go to the left side (if you are in front of the statue) and jump towards it.
Furthermore, you can reach it for running, jumping and performing two cane attacks immediately to jump the gap.
Furthermore, you will find it in a chest.
With that in mind, you should maintain one of the defenses…