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E-Sports Trends: 9 Sports Including Olympic E-Sports Series and Taekwondo – Stay Up to Date with the Latest E-Sports News in Korea and Abroad.

Stock is a corner that allows you to gather important news that has actually happened in the e-sports sector recently.
Along with the different information of the entire e-sports market in Korea and also abroad, we introduce numerous details and tales such as residential e-sports-related occasions and also policies, fans area concerns, and also news of each video game group.
On top of that, we will additionally educate you of the residential e-sports competitors arranged this week.

■ Information of e-sports in the house as well as abroad

◎ Beyond the Top, Closed in 11 years.
– The Past the Summit, which produced different e-sports competitors, is closed.
According to the founder LD, it seems that he made a decision to close the door without needing to hold on to a tough time that began for numerous reasons such as Corona 19 break-outs.
Beyond The Top will certainly offer the remaining employees to supply the price of preserving income, retirement pay and medical safety and security for a certain period of time.

There were 9 sporting activities in the Olympic e-sports’ collection, which were launched in this statement, as well as were dancing as well as motor sports, cycles, baseball, archery, yachts, chess, tennis, and also Taekwondo.
On top of that, the video games utilized in each sport are simply danced, automobile racing, cycles, baseball (WBSC BASEBALL ™: POWER PROS), Tic TAC Bow, Online Regatta, Taekwondo, as well as Tennis Clash.
League of Legends, which was anticipated, was not included.

◎ China e-sports sector downward?
– According to the 1st 2022 China e-Sports Sector Banquet Report held in February, the earnings of e-sports industry in China in 2015 tape-recorded regarding 144.5 billion yuan (regarding 27.47 trillion won), down 14% from the very same duration.
This is the initial decline in the last 5 years
The earnings of China’s e-sports video games likewise fell by around 16% compared to their motives.
This is stated to have influenced the stationary market environment and the reduction in usage and also intake of customers.
In addition, China’s defense policy was additionally mentioned as a cause.

◎ IOC revealed the Olympic e-sports collection event… Consisting of Taekwondo
– IOC said it will hold the very first Olympic e-sports week in Singapore in June.


The event is the final occasion of the Olympic e-sports’ collection, and also the Olympic esports series will be held from March 1 to May 15.
This is an extension of the Olympic Games ‘Olympic Virtual Series’, a game-based Olympics, which was first held at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.

◎ Valorant DRX, the world’s greatest LOUD
– Valorant Rock// The best Valorant Game Team DRX, which had remained in the semifinals of the São Paulo, met LOUD, the globe’s greatest, as well as lost to 2: 3.
The DRX struggled with LOUD with one or 2 embed in a row, however it was divided by making a set score connection for three collections and 4 sets.
Although regrettably 5 sets, they were eliminated from the semifinals, but considering Asia, especially the residential setting, referred to as the FPS barrier, it was a more valuable semifinal.
The DRX has made a comparable name on the international stage in 2022.

■ Today’s e-sports schedule

■ e-sports resources

◎ Cart Rocks Pc gaming, 5-person lineup released
– Cart Motorcyclist: Rocks Gaming in the Drift Organization revealed the roaster.
The group collected existing cart cyclist organization players and KRPL players.
Among them, Han Honeymoon and also Lee Jin-gun are the players who made their name in KRPL.
Seek Joo-yeop, Kim Woo-jun as well as Kim Highway have experiences in the Cart rider League.

◎ RNG Video Game Team Note, Apology Article Interactive Players
– RNG game groups published apologies through SNS to followers.
This was because of the defeat of the AL in the last 7 weeks of LPL.
The RNG replaced the mid-liner ‘Angel’, which was one collection at the time, with two collections of ‘Tang Yuan’ and saw an irritation.
Ever since, RNG has been beat by the 3 sets that re-used Angel.
Conflict is the date of RNG’s video game group.
I desired to offer a lot of experiences to a rookie, however it was the root cause of the group loss.

◎ The god of Taken ‘Knee’- Finally of Taliesin sponsorship agreement
– Taken’s best ‘knee’ BAE Jae-won authorized a sponsorship contract with Guy’s hair treatment brand Taliesin of Germany’s cosmeceutical company.
As an outcome, ‘knee’ works together with Dr. Wolf to participate in different promotions connected to Taliesin.
Particularly, ‘knee’ is expected to get involved in the residential promo of Taliesin Fluid and Taliesin Double Impact Shampoo.