Bernie Ecclestone on the Decline of Germanys Interest in Formula 1 Racing

We had such fantastic races there in front of such a fantastic audience-but whatever is g1. I’m truly sorry that we lost Germany for Solution 1. There are no races anymore. It looks like it resembles
Germany would no more exist for Formula 1, stated Milestone.

Due to the fact that of the racing schedule improvised by the corona pandemic, formula 1 in Germany in 2020 has actually made the last time that had been racing at the Nürburgring just.

Scenario for Norbert Hang A catastrophe

After the resignation of the four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel at the end of the season as well as completion of Mick Schumacher at the US team Haas there is just one German Formula 1 master pilot.
Nico Gutenberg changed Schumacher, that in turn has become a replacement chauffeur at Mercedes.
Former Mercedes Electric motor sports supervisor Norbert Hang (70) likewise identifies a loss of meaning of the Formula 1 place Germany.
It is a disaster, informed the Pforzheim Dating (Wednesday version).
He leaves out that a Grand Prix will take location once again in Germany.
The train has left. Germany, the former engine of past decades with 2 Formula 1 races annually and also twelve world champion titles between 1994 as well as 2016, sits in the last wagon, i.e. where the red light hangs, said Hang claimed.

Bernie Ecclestone (92) sees Germany at a reduced point in the excitement for Formula 1. I wonder: what’s wrong with Germany? The public appears to have lost passion in Formula 1.

I’m really sorry that we shed Germany for Solution 1.

Bernie Ecclestone (92) sees Germany at a nadir in the enthusiasm for Formula 1. I wonder: what’s wrong with Germany? The country had many world champions. But the public seems to have actually disliked Formula 1.
Germany has actually lost its significance as a Formula 1 country, stated Milestone of the German Press Agency in Bahrain this weekend prior to the beginning of the period.
The Briton had been primary marketer in Solution 1 till its removal in 2017.


Nevertheless, he was certain that this can not hold true. I bet there is a structure on which you can develop success in Germany once more, said Milestone.
Probably the coordinators did not make an initiative.