Sons of the Forest: Interactive Map of Most Important Locations with Screenshots and Item List

The map in Kids of the Forest currently shows you one of the most crucial areas, yet is somewhat unwieldy.
You will certainly discover an interactive map here that is equipped with lots of points-of passion.
In Children of the Forest you have a small GPS device for your walking through the forest:
M-opens/ closes the map
Mouse wheel click-zoom in the map
If you desire even more details concerning the numerous small places on the map, you will certainly discover an interactive card below that is regularly being expanded.
The map comes from associates from the pressure web page:
Points on the map:
Cannibal camps
Collision factors
Abandoned camps
Places to dig
Loot areas
general practitioner signals
Much more Lois
Click among the factors as well as you likewise uncover a screenshot from the area and frequently additionally a supply list, which items you can find on website.
The map is filled by individuals as well as frequently expanded.

If you are searching for a choice, additionally have a look at the interactive map of Mapgenie-via
There are much more markings here as well as you can identify the displayed points.
Tip for beginners: Children of the Forest can be played with rather rapidly if you utilize overviews.
The Survival hit offers the ideal experience if you go to expedition.
If the caves are slowly taking area, do not allow maps or overviews you-use the in-game map to make your plans.
In the meanwhile there are Speed runs from Sons of the Forest who complete the game in a couple of minutes.


Forest 2, nonetheless, additionally lives from the truth that you first need to discover just how to proceed.
German Twitch streamer finishes Boys of the Forest in 9.5 minutes-Speedrun is one of the 10 best worldwide